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Cold Frames Rock! But mine did not.

Failure is part of success.  Death is a part of life.  Disappointment is a potential side effect of expectation. Well, my cold frame was a box of… 874 more words


Foundations for the Fouled Foot

I love dirt, but muddy garden paths can prove to be a quagmire of logstical madness.  When choosing to take corrective action, so many questions arise from the muck.  491 more words


Easy Recipe for Regenerting Soils in compacted yards

Recipe for Regenerating Soil

This is a recipe that I learned from Dr. Elaine Ingam http://www.soilfoodweb.com/ Soil Microbiologist and founder of the Soil Food Web at a Carbon Farming workshop. 643 more words


Why isn't our economic systems replicating the nutrient cycle within the soil!?!?!?!

Soil bacteria and fungi are like small bags of fertilizers within the soil. The protozas and nematodes come along, eats and digest the bacteria or fungi, and excretes the excess of carbon and other nutrients as waste that isn’t needed for them to survive. 110 more words

5 Steps to Prep Old or Future Garden Beds Now

Happy Autumn !

As the days grow shorter and cool down, fall is a great time to get outside.  Save yourself some work next spring by preparing your current or future garden now with these easy steps: 183 more words

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Worm Farms, Trenches and Pots

Sometimes in permaculture design we mix elements together. At times they seem to naturally belong together like peanut butter and jelly and sometimes more like oil and water, but that’s what we do as designers. 423 more words


Harry MacCormack workshops in Forest Grove

Nana Cardoon is a beautiful garden-based learning center serving the Forest Grove area.  Charlene Murdock and Richard White share a full range of food knowledge and experiences. 519 more words

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