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Ground Up, Our First Year

It’s all about the soil, hence the latter part of our company name—Agronomics: The study of soil science. Our mission started from the ground up, and the health of our soil determines our success. 299 more words

Biochar and bokashi = great combo

Anyone here know about biochar? I’m in Myanmar and they’re using a lot of biochar made from rice husks as a potting mix base. I’m not sure how they’re making it; if its real pyrolysis (sort of burning it without oxygen). 325 more words


Scientific American, Citing FAO Study, Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues

Since you are here, reading about SymSoil™ you probably already know that life as we know it is dependent upon the top six inches of the planet. 47 more words

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NPR Discusses Soil Microbe Genes

NPR’s Dan Charles, on All Things Considered/Food For Thought talks to scientists about soil microfauna.  These scientists are focused on understanding and describing the most common ones. 64 more words

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Soil Microbes Impact Which Plants Live

The Smithsonian magazine published an article about the soil microbiome.

You can call them microbes or by more scientific names, but these are the microscopic creatures that keep plants alive

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