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NPR Discusses Soil Microbe Genes

NPR’s Dan Charles, on All Things Considered/Food For Thought talks to scientists about soil microfauna.  These scientists are focused on understanding and describing the most common ones. 64 more words

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Soil Microbes Impact Which Plants Live

The Smithsonian magazine published an article about the soil microbiome.

You can call them microbes or by more scientific names, but these are the microscopic creatures that keep plants alive

Living Soil

Soil Health

Saw this article on the importance of soil health on the USDA Natural Resource website

Living Soil

Healthy Soil is the Basis for Healthy Foods

2015 was the Year of Soils

This is one of our favorite infographics – Healthy Soil is the basis of Healthy Food Production.

Agrichemicals (Fertilizers and Pesticides) will off the soil microbes (bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa and microarthropods).

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