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In-work poverty is the real crisis facing Theresa May

In the main I do agree with this article, but to further understand the problem, in-work needs to be further described. Over the years many good wage/salary jobs have been lost and while other jobs or employment prospects  have been created, but just what are they.   166 more words


The 5 Best Countries to Live In

The 5 Best Countries to Live In

Money, it does not seem, buy happiness, at least country by country. The advancement of a nation is often confused with economic growth. 1,258 more words


Height, Nutrition and Living Standards in Nineteenth Century New Zealand

In the aftermath of WWII heights were almost identical in the North and South of the ethnically homogeneous Korean Peninsula. Today the divergence between the capitalist South and the centrally planned North can not only be… 1,614 more words

(What's Left of) Our Economy: New Report Suggests Historic Problems with Manufacturing Productivity

For several months at least, major economists – though not major politicians – have worried about slumping American productivity growth, and with good reason: As I’ve written many times… 451 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy