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The good old days alert: living space of the American family

US: In new homes, people have as much individual space as an entire 1950s family shared http://t.co/r9EHDWcqRJ pic.twitter.com/CMngAqJphD

— Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett) March 4, 2015

Economic History

A better plan for Britain's prosperity

This week Labour published our ‘Better Plan for Britain’s Prosperity’, setting out Labour’s approach to building prosperity in 21st Century Britain. Labour’s plan takes different approach to creating prosperity, not relying on a few but boosting productivity across Britain’s firms and workforce, including in Brentwood and Ongar. 406 more words

The joys of living in a dump

So I’ve been living in this strange guardianship programme and the agreement principles hint at certain inalienable rights that should be present in the first world when you are paying rent to live somewhere. 536 more words


News from the last week

Now we recall the events of the past week. You can read the most important news from the recent weeks.

Jobs at any price are not enough to close the living standards gap… 265 more words


Let's all start riding our own bicycles to get around, Singaporeans.

Transport prices are going to increase (again) come this  April.

From Apr 5, adult card fares for buses and trains will increase by 2 to 5 cents, while student concessionary fares will increase by 1 cent.

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Alex Sobel demands action from Vince Cable on equal pay for women in Leeds NW – will Greg Mulholland turn up to back it?

Women in Leeds NW still earn on average just 81p for every pound a man earns. The UK Gender Pay Gap in the UK is still higher than in most other EU countries. 718 more words

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