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Quote of the Day - 1/10/2017

By all means let us assist the poorer people as much as we can in their own efforts to build up their lives and to raise their standards of living. 83 more words


Ten best papers/books in economic history of the last decades (part 2)

Yesterday, I published part 1 of what I deemed were the best papers and books in the field of economic history of the last few decades. 1,904 more words


Measuring living standards - GDP or not GDP

The need to measure a country’s economic performance, both compared to itself a year ago and compared to other countries is ever present. The most prevalent and easiest measure of economic performance at the national level is a country’s GDP (Gross domestic Product) per capita. 898 more words


The new year

Once all the excitement has died down over the new year, I very much suspect most of us will find it a lot harder and perhaps even a lot more frightening than 2016. 95 more words

Eriksberg - Göteborg, SE

Eriksberg is a neighbourhood on the Hisingen island, in Gothenburg. It used to be a very industrial area with shipyard until its bankruptcy. Now it is one of the finest modern neighbourhoods in Gothenburg. 

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Sensitive and Crucial: on Measuring Living Standards in the 18th Century

In the course of the twitterminar on the High-Wage Economy argument (HWE) which generated responses from John Styles on his blog (who has convinced me that the key solution to HWE rests in Normandy, not the Alsace) and many other on Twitter. 1,620 more words