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Poor Countries can’t afford the SDGs without more Aid

The latest update from the OECD shows that donors are continuing to slash aid to least developed countries, falling by 16% in 2014 alone. If this trend continues, how will this impact the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? 574 more words

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Real GDP per Canadian and American aged 15-64, 2013 price level, updated 2005 EKS PPP, detrended, 1970-2013

Figure 1: Real GDP per Canadian and American aged 15-64, converted to 2013 price level, updated 2005 EKS purchasing power parities, detrended 1.9%, 1970-2013, base 1970… 94 more words

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NERI data confirms Northern Ireland has suffered worst decline in living standards

Northern Ireland average living standards now the lowest of any UK region

Need for NI Executive to re-think economic policy and focus on expanding manufacturing base… 310 more words

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America's poor are richer than Europe's nonpoor

Kids w/ married parents in US more likely to be poor than children w/single mothers in Nordic. http://t.co/XdIlXju9Ir pic.twitter.com/04dpBgl77l

— Sean McElwee (@SeanMcElwee) March 3, 2015…

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Once upon a time there was a pit latrine

The rain spluttered away with no evident sign of ceasing anytime soon. Pelts of thunder roared from a distance. I was scared of it, the thunder, made me feel as if the heavens were breaking apart. 1,121 more words


Ed Balls speech in Leeds today: Tax cuts for the millions, or the millionaires? Labour’s Better Plan.

7000 families in Leeds have been hit by the bedroom tax.

40,000 families in Leeds have been hit by real terms tax credit cuts.

Under this LibDem/Tory Coalition, millions are paying more… 3,520 more words

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