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One minute, the square full of life. Sounds. Smells. Motion.

Then. Silence. Stillness. People frozen in place.

Living statues of that moment.

Homeless man. Boy with bike. 40 more words

Flash Fiction

There are statues and there are living statues

If the last month has been about anything, it’s been about stillness by way of statuary. And yet, September, with ‘la rentrée’, is really about the complete opposite of the static, more the freneticness (as opposed to frenzy) of dense boulevards of traffic as Paris fills up again. 760 more words

Changes - 2014

Thought I’d fill you in on the changes I found when I returned to Italy this year.

First the Rome mime/living statue update:  You might remember from past pieces, we had:  perfectly still Statues of Liberty; golden Egyptian mummies; and the guy who looked like he was dashing to catch a train, with his coat and tie flying back, his arm with the briefcase swinging forward. 812 more words