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Who Holds The Power Within Our Education System?

The answer to this question largely depends on the theoretical framework in which one views the education system.  I will present two different frameworks of viewing the education system, the managed/mechanistic system and the organismic/living system theories to further justify my claim. 870 more words


How has the organization of classrooms begun to change?

When one imagines a traditional classroom, the image that often comes to mind involves rows of students facing towards the teacher at the front of the room either at her desk or the blackboard.   722 more words

Scientific Management

Biological reproduction and Planck's constant

Associate the phenomenon of biological reproduction to the laws of Planck’s constant?

Reproduction in living beings born from random changes, so called mutations, that allowed you to create differences from one generation to another. 751 more words

Science Communication

Mobilane LivePanel on display to help attract new franchisees at Inleaf

Inleaf, the Manchester-based commercial plants specialist has added a Mobilane LivePanel system and three LivePictures to its showroom to allow the company to better demonstrate their benefits to clients, as well as to other installers interested in becoming Inleaf franchisees. 328 more words



This assessment is designed to give you practice at writing short pieces of writing of the kind you… 359 more words

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Optimize or Maximize Our Lives?

Everything in Moderation

Scoop Heuerman (my dad)

David Plummer used to see only one way to the top of the podium. The former Gophers swimmer believed he wouldn’t make it unless he stripped away everything but his sport, putting the pursuit of fast times above all else.

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Animal Collage

Contributed by: Gordon Webb

Big Ideas: 

Plants and animals, including people, are living things. Different kinds of living things behave in different ways. 482 more words

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