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Hiding In Plain Sight

Don’t you just love to read stories that have words like: “In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching”?

I know I do. 808 more words


10 Great Reasons To Get Outside More Often

Humans are drawn to nature. We feel better when we spend time in forests, gardens, or parks. Edward O. Wilson termed this desire to connect with nature “biophilia.” It implies that an instinctive bond exists between humans and other living systems. 7 more words


2015 Spring Equinox ~ Summer Solstice Accomplishments

We hosted our first seasonal donor call on the Spring Equinox because we want our donors to know exactly what we’re doing and why. We will host… 1,561 more words


Living Systems

Before I dig into each of the 4 key relationships to alleviate poverty I want to first take a moment and explain another underlying philosophy necessary to understanding how these relationships work together. 495 more words


Raven's Journey Home: A Kindle ebook

Writing this novella for young adults is a significant achievement for me as it took navigating realms of technology that have changed substantially since the book’s conception over forty years ago. 515 more words


Soul Musings/Day 12: Dance With Life

Thus, rather than seek dominance or control over nature, let us dance with the earth and existing systems. It’s important we begin to appreciate that life is not an accident, not a byproduct, not a random happenstance; life is the purpose of this universe, created and sustained within infinitely complex interdependent systems. 369 more words

Gaye Abbott

New book chapter in "Modéliser & Simuler" vol 2: Mossio, M. and Bich, L. (2014). La circularité biologique: concepts et modèles

Mossio, M. and Bich, L. (2014). La circularité biologique: concepts et modèles.  In F. Varenne, S. Dutreuil, P. Huneman and M. Silberstein (eds.), Modéliser & simuler. 24 more words