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Confronting the Past to Come Back to Creative Center

The stacks of paper displayed in the photo to your left is what you wind up with when you channel–or, should I say, crank out–a novel at a NaNoWriMo-like pace. 1,279 more words


The whispers of the soul

What is your soul whispering to you right this very moment?

What would you change about your life if you stopped and adjusted your life one whisper at a time? 220 more words

With Yourself



Waiting to wake up
Fire beneath the surface
Like Kawaakari

Hold ur sweet dreams close, they are YOURS alone.
Give them all ur love and attention… 11 more words


There Is Always HOPE! My Thinking Corner

When we don’t have anything to hope for, then what are we living for?

When we realize that our destiny lies in our hands through changing our thinking, when we realize that so long as we inhabit our bodies and notwithstanding the fact that we grow older, that if we’re mentally, physically and spiritually able, we can still pursue those dreams that brighten our eyes and light up our hearts.

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