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Operation Abundance: Revisited

I stood at the front desk of the gym in my familiar Nike personal trainer garb, black pants, black top and athletic shoes. Hair slicked back this morning because it was the easiest way to get out of the house by 5:20 am to beat Portland traffic. 2,054 more words

Living Vibrantly

Enjoying your lazy Sunday while still being productive

Here we are again. Its Sunday morning and we not only have a million things to do, but absolutely no motivation to do it. I’m right with you, but don’t fret! 1,314 more words


What is a Life Garden?

A Life Garden is a fun little model I use to transport my thoughts, ideas, dreams and intentions from a linear 2-D point of view into a broadened expanded 3-D point of view utilizing circles and a visual map of my life AS a Garden. 338 more words

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Life: Is This Destiny or Is This Fate?

Sometimes going backwards is the only way I can find myself enough to get footing to take a step forwards. I’ve gone back into old relationships. 2,747 more words

Living Vibrantly

The Wim Hof Method 10-Week Course: A Review

At the beginning of January 2017 my back got hurt in a way that was quite disheartening.  I was simply bending over to pick up a piece of paper off the ground and the SI Joint (Sacroiliac Joint) slipped. 2,902 more words

Living Vibrantly

Living Vibrantly

This vibrant nice-cream cake is delicious and fun to make! It contains natural food coloring made from veggies and fruit!
While creating this cake I began to reflect on my own life and my health journey and how I haven’t felt my most vibrant, in fact I have felt the complete opposite of that. 368 more words