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When junk stories become personal (5 in a Series of 8)

By Rivka Willick

The stories we tell, read, hear, see, and experience become part of our personal life-map which provide a context for each of us to organize and help understand the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual challenges that we face every day. 287 more words

Story Coaching

Vicariously? Not for me.

Surges of joy, fear, excitement, nostalgia, love and pride pulsed through me as I dropped my kids off at camp yesterday. Memories of my own camp experiences came back to me, giving me a sense of gratitude for the opportunities my mother gave me as a kid, and amazement as I look now from an adult perspective at all the planning, coordination and work that goes into providing a magical experience for the throngs of children running around me. 213 more words

Consumer Survey: Power Washers

Do any of my friends own a power washer? If yes, is it awesome? (I don’t need a power washer; I just want to be able to imagine having one.) 28 more words

Learning to Live Vicariously

It was not as if I had planned to go and then couldn’t at the last minute. I knew from the outset that I would not be able to attend the Women’s March. 843 more words

Crazy Teenage Mama Drama

Although I helped rear my 2 step-children through the teenage years on a part-time basis, I was not able to truly experience “crazy mama drama” until recently, as my oldest child morphed into a teenager. 2,307 more words

Helicopter Moms