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The secrets and lies in our lives

I just finished reading The Girl On the Train. If you haven’t read it yet, I won’t spoil it for you, but I will give you a brief idea of the story: Rachel is our main narrator, and she’s a divorced alcoholic who we soon realize we can’t trust. 602 more words

Random Ramblings

Sneaky PP and her recordings

Accompanying me on my twilight wruns (walk plus run – more walk than run as opposed to ralk, which is more run than walk), is my Nike+ app to track said wrun. 888 more words

Living Vicariously Kills Intention

I’ve recently come out of a season of life that was full of constant change, but after nearly a year of shifting, everything has come to a halt. 635 more words

Daily Life

Living vicariously through my sons’ successes (Posted late on 03/01 from 02/27)

Some people that live vicariously through their children do so to regain something that they feel that they are missing. As the definition of vicariously means for one to experience something through another by imagining or something endured for somebody else, I am using Reese’s experiences to understand what it is like to live out a dream that he has had since he was just a small child. 183 more words


Living Vicariously For Travel

ME, BF (my best friend)

BF: In all this, I haven’t told you the big news!
ME: You’re not pregnant, are you?
BF: I got a plane ticket for Thailand for this weekend from my boyfriend!!! 78 more words


Vicarious beach bum

By Thandi N

I  am a self-professed beach bum. I just love chinchillin in the sand, swimming in the ocean and stuffing my face with ice cream. 203 more words

South Africa

Confessions of a Dance Mom

Okay, admittedly I’m jumping ahead a bit.  My “dance mom” experience consists of exactly one jazz class, which my two-and-a-half year old started on Saturday. We will be putting Lexia in at least two dance classes this year, the above-mentioned recital-focused jazz class and a recreational parent-and-tot class.  379 more words

Adventures In Parenting