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Consumer Survey: Power Washers

Do any of my friends own a power washer? If yes, is it awesome? (I don’t need a power washer; I just want to be able to imagine having one.) 28 more words

Learning to Live Vicariously

It was not as if I had planned to go and then couldn’t at the last minute. I knew from the outset that I would not be able to attend the Women’s March. 843 more words

Crazy Teenage Mama Drama

Although I helped rear my 2 step-children through the teenage years on a part-time basis, I was not able to truly experience “crazy mama drama” until recently, as my oldest child morphed into a teenager. 2,307 more words

Helicopter Moms


This is my life:

In a car,

Through a text,

From a book,

Viewed onscreen.

I’m only ever in

transit and scenes

flicker past me.