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Wellingtonians say; "Everyone deserves a home - no more homelessness!"

“Housing is a basic human need and access to decent quality, affordable and safe housing should be seen a human right. This means that our society and more specifically the State has an obligation to ensure that everyone living in New Zealand always has access to adequate and secure housing.

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The Body Politic

Pay justice for school and council workers

In 2015 school and council workers’ pay is worth 20% less than it was five years ago. This is a result of government pay freezes and pay increases that did not keep up with inflation. 338 more words

‘Serving-up Fries, for a Living Wage’ in Denmark

Few issues get more people roiled up than the minimum wage does in the U.S.  The New York Times last year published a very long essay on a single man in Denmark who can live comfortably on his Burger King wages of $20.00 per hour. 507 more words

Embracing Austerity

Spend less on what we don’t need, pay off debts so we’re not making obscene interest payments and hey presto we’re all better off.  It’s been the message of money and debt management websites, books and TV programmes for years.  1,370 more words


FE Colleges: UNISON members back industrial action ballot over pay

Resounding rejection of 0% “offer”

The Association of Colleges (AoC) 2015 recommendation to its members not to pay a cost of living rise or move to the current Living Wage has been met with angry rejection by UNISON members. 248 more words

Productivity and the National Living Wage

The CIPD and the Resolution Foundation are collaborating on a piece of research into the impact of the National Living Wage (NLW). According to their first study… 704 more words

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A brilliant point by @FlipChartRick in the reblog. What sort of single year labour productivity increase is required to cover a UK living wage increase. Basic arithmetic kills. A 6.6% annual productivity growth would be required to fund a living wage. This will be far above trend and would be required in sectors such as services that are not at all known for rapid productivity growth because of Baumol's disease. http://www.strategy-business.com/media/image/35_top.gif A subsequent Twitter exchange updated a key chart to include Australia and New Zealand. https://twitter.com/MattWhittakerRF/status/667343922440437760