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Living Wage now $19.25

Living Wage Movement Aotearoa NZ have done a 2015 update and have now set their ‘living wage’ at $19.25 per hour.

A new rate of $19.25 per hour…

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McDonald's workers descend on headquarters to protest 'poverty wages'

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Employees chant ‘We work, we sweat, put $15 in our cheque’ in biggest protest by low-wage workers as board faces angry shareholders inside closed meetings…

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Is everything in the garden rosy?

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At his door: David Cameron’s own gardeners at 10 Downing Street are going on strike

Strikes have reached David Cameron’s doorstep as the Number 10 gardeners go on their first walkout in 37 years. 628 more words

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Why National Programs Are Essential

We are moving toward a 20-hour work week. It is mostly unintentional, but it is happening nonetheless. This gives us an opportunity to make a 20-hour work week the standard, which potentially would improve the country in numerous ways and put us at the forefront of advanced nations. 855 more words


Everyone deserves a living wage.... even if they can't spell 'fries'

The above response is perfect.
*edited to add* The author is David Gerrold.

As a writer, I appreciate grammar and spelling. As a human being, I recognize that some people don’t speak or write with “perfect English” does not disqualify them from earning a living wage.   365 more words

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Week 18 - Living wage

I was put in touch with someone from the New Zealand Living Wage Movement and realised this is something I needed to learn more about. 148 more words

Is It Time For Companies To Pay For Not Paying Enough? The "Walmart Tax" Gains Momentum | Co.Exist

Making minimum wage dooms you to a life of hardship and toil. We in the U.S. have accepted or ignored this situation for a long time, while companies make billions of dollars by paying their workers less than enough to survive. 197 more words

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