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The Ritzy Strike’s Back

Picturehouse, and their owners Cineworld, must’ve thought they’d dodged a bullet when their staff pay dispute was settled two years ago… but the workers were just reloading. 902 more words


Paying a realistic living wage in the voluntary sector is a step in the right direction

I think most of us would agree that overall, the voluntary sector is not well paid. It was therefore refreshing to learn that a number of large funding organisations are now… 572 more words

Green Pepper Consulting

Today's letters: Pay Canadians properly and you won't need foreign workers

Stop ignoring unemployed Canadians

Re: Using workers as a crutch; Companies quickly exploited TFWP hiring rules, Sept. 19.

Any claim that the temporary foreign workers program is in crisis is not what the media should focus on. 665 more words


2016 local government endorsements

UPDATED: 27/9 with added fluoride!

It’s that time of the election season when various groups start putting out their naughty-or-nice lists of local government candidates. Because I’m the kind of nerd who likes this sort of thing, I figured it would be handy to at least get them all together in one place for people to refer to. 558 more words


Is your local football club paying staff the Real Living Wage?


Now that we are leaving the European Union, England deserves a pay rise and our People’s Brexit campaign is part of that.

The English Futures Party is campaigning for ALL of the top 92 English football clubs to pay the minimum of the Real Living Wage. 477 more words


Our ‘work ethic’ is not the problem

By Andrew Tait

John Key came out this week and said it: New Zealanders are just too lazy or drug-addled to work, so we have to bring in migrants to “do a fabulous job” harvesting fruit and veges. 654 more words

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