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We Need a Higher Minimum Wage

One of the biggest issues that people argue over is the minimum wage. It’s a controversial issue, for some crazy reason, to believe that the minimum wage should be a living wage. 1,594 more words


Monaco Adopts Living Wage Of $850/hr

The Prince Of Monaco has declared that all those who are lucky enough to have been born in the 3 square meters that comprise the historic municipality he is charged with protecting from the modern blight of taxation, shall henceforward be entitled to a living wage.  131 more words


Northern Ireland workers must join a fighting union to secure pay increases and better work-life balance

Northern Ireland men work longest hours in UK, women losing hours as part-time working grows

Average UK wages after inflation lower than what it was twelve years ago, with Northern Ireland wages even lower… 302 more words

Press Releases

Need a reminder? Republican Congressional candidate, “I do not support a livable wage”

❝ With two weeks until the election, Republican candidate Karen Handel has given her Democratic opponent a gift-wrapped present in the special election for an open Georgia House seat.

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The Definitive Argument On Minimum Wage

I’m getting sick and tired of reading bullshit about minimum wage, so this is what I want to do. I’m going list and defend/attack each reason—that I’ve heard for or against the raising of minimum wage to a livable wage. 1,539 more words



Efficiency wages were put forward as a cause of what is now called precarious work. The efficiency wage hypothesis breathed considerable new life into the old theory of dual labour markets (Katz 1986; Dickens and Lang 1985). 575 more words

Labour Economics

The fair-wage effort hypothesis is a theory of mass low-skilled unemployment

Living wage advocates make much of the demoralising effects of pay inequality on workplace productivity. In common with the efficiency wage hypothesis, this is another example of what Nozick (1974) called normative sociology; the study of what the causes of social problems ought to be. 798 more words

Labour Economics