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Organising for Workplace Rights: From Sports Direct to Samworth Brothers

Profit-hungry bosses are well aware of the democratic threat posed by an organised, unionised workforce. When workers are able to act in unity, management are suddently placed on the backfoot, in that they cannot so easily treat their workers as expendable resources – mere cogs in a machine. 324 more words

Corporate Scroungers

Citizens' Convention Candidate Forum 1/14/06

This is footage from the Citizens’ Convention Candidate Forum held on January 14th, 2016. It is a good introduction to who we are an what we are working toward. 29 more words


Scapegoat Week 3: Benefits Claimants

Next up, the welfare budget. This particular scapegoat is a favourite of the Tories, who like to portray people who claim them as being lazy and selfish. 874 more words

Why Pay Living Wage? Because it’s the Right Thing to Do

In Durham recently, some businesses are beginning to raise wages because they want to do well by their employees.

Voluntary living wage certification programs have gained popularity in the last few years as a way to make wage gains without calling for legislative action or government spending.

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Unite finance members hear calls for next Government to move on statutory union recognition, reversal of pension changes

February 4th: ‘Fair Play for finance workers’ was the theme of a conference today  of Unite members working in the finance sector. Opening the event, Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly said: 638 more words

Press Releases

Fight food insecurity with income

By Molly McCracken

The rise in food costs disproportionately affects the poor as food makes up a larger portion of their spending. Increased income, educational programs and northern food subsidies need to work hand in hand if the food security crisis in Manitoba is to be overcome. 917 more words


BREAKING NEWS: ECourier submits offer of pay rise to avoid impending campaign!

BREAKING NEWS!!: at the 11th hour ECOURIER HAS PUT IN AN OFFER to the IWGB Couriers Branch to negotiate the terms of a substantial rate-rise in order to avoid the campaign set to launch tomorrow. 41 more words