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Create a SMART Plan for Action

If you are newly interested in political participation, or you tend to cycle through short bursts of political activity followed by long stretches of disengagement, there’s a good reason to borrow some of the accountability and structure you use in your working life. 704 more words


I'm a Liberal, Feminist, Stay at Home Mom: There's Nothing Contradictory About That

A feminist couldn’t possibly enjoy being a stay at home mom, right? Wrong.  Joyful tears come to my eyes at least once a day; watching my son suddenly get into the groove of a song he hasn’t heard before, break out into a grin, and start dancing; reading the same books to him 300 times a day and knowing I am not only making him feel loved and attended to, but helping his budding language skills develop; watching him form his first friendships and take a place in our community; these all bring me a deep, satisfied joy. 773 more words


UNISON Living Wage

Unison continues to campaign for the real living wage announced annually by the living wage foundation. It is calculated on what an individual needs to earn for a basic decent life. 144 more words

Coastal CU Receives Living Wage Certification from OCLW

In the wake of its announced minimum wage increase in early December, Coastal Credit Union took the additional step of having its Carrboro branch certified by… 295 more words

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Disseration Reflection

The secret to a good dissertation is to write about something that you’re interested in. That’s not to say there won’t be moments of writer’s block and the occasional ‘I want to give up’ day, but when writing about something that is truly interesting, I found that I got drawn in. 1,051 more words


Governor Calvo should sign minimum wage law

The Guam Legislature passed a bill recently that would increase the minimum wage to $10.10 in two steps.  The PDN has an editorial in today’s paper that urges Governor Calvo to veto the minimum wage bill.   535 more words

How we came to pay a living wage

A few years ago, while I was working on living wage issues I came across a blog post written by an inspirational South African. He and his family have since moved to inner-city Jo’burg (read a bit more about them on their… 2,330 more words

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