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Perspectives on Facing Dementia

As a 70 year old, one of the scariest words to me is “dementia.” So, how can we deal with it better?

According to the National Institute on Aging: 507 more words


Self-management: What do we think about it?

Self-management is all about the person living with their chronic health problem, learning how to maximise their wellbeing and limit the impact of their health problem on their life. 1,302 more words

Chronic Pain

A Getaway To Remember

As I’m writing this, we are experiencing an amazing Victoria Day weekend at a cottage in Turkey Point. My son in law decided to treat his dear wife, children and myself to a vacation without conditions, work commitments, obligations or pressures. 725 more words

Contented Heart

Dear God,

May I put into practice today what I know about living well.  At the top of the list is to stay connected to You.  30 more words


Taste buds take time

A couple years back I tried to increase my vocabulary by learning a new word every day. I found that I had to say the word more than a few times before I could use the new word proficiently in a coherent sentence. 523 more words


My 100% is Lower than it Was, but It’s 100% for What I Am

In a recent TV program I heard a woman respond in this way to a query about how she was getting along. She had recovered, unbelievably, from the lowest body temperature on record from accidental hypothermia. 457 more words

Health Benefits Available Through AARP

AARP’s mission “is to empower people to choose how they live as they age.” In the United States, it has nearly 40 million members. And annual dues are about $15 per person. 57 more words

Living Well