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The meaner you get, the meaner you get: pushing back on my scarcity mindset with a little help from Brene Brown and some primitive skills experts

I’m sitting up until midnight to try and register my kid for the last remaining spot in pre-school swimming lessons at Meadow Park. I’m a non-resident, so I have to wait until all Whistler residents get their pick of the spring programs, and I’ve watched as the spots slowly filled up with a vague sense of panic, anxiety and disgruntlement – a combo pack of emotions that I have come to know as a Scarcity Attack. 755 more words

Lisa Richardson

I don't paint...

I don’t paint what people expect,  I paint what my heart yearns to express. Some are born to play it safe, others are born to live it wild. 112 more words

Inky's Muse

21st Century Hunter-Gatherers

Photographer Kiliii Yuyan is dedicated to telling the story of Native cultures and natural history in stunning photographs. For his project Living Wild, he joined a group of people from the… 317 more words