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2017: Betty's first year with me (part 3)


Betty goes on a day trip to the beach:

She discovered squizzles…..

…..and had a very boring trip to the Renault garage.


There is no longer any privacy, even in the bathroom.  77 more words

A snout to the elbow.

It’s been a busy busy busy few weeks over at Papilow HQ. The other half’s parents were coming for a weekend and getting the guest bedroom ready was a succession of late nights. 898 more words

Taking photos for ebay...

…and Betty has been helping. Reckon they will fetch a higher price with a cavalier in the frame?!

Tails of Romeo

His piercing, charcoal orbs reminded me of a starless summer night as his gaze bore onto mine. He flashed me a lopsided grin, the same which I had grown to adore, revealing his razor sharp, pearly whites which would penetrate through your skin, causing a shooting and rather excruciating pain. 177 more words

The Whippet with many names

Everyone knows that my husband and I come as a three. Him, Myself and Remy, our whippet. On a cold Guy Fawkes night in 2014 we brought home the third member of our unit. 879 more words

The Littlest Juno Puppy

I feel like, every now and then, I’m allowed to do a little blog post about how cute Juno, my Beagle, is.

Whilst I’m sure other’s aren’t as charmed by her cute little face as I am it doesn’t really matter because YOU don’t have control over my blog. 347 more words

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