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Learning to Live - Marathon Training

So one would think that a half marathon diva would choose that as her return from death…no, “Go Big or Go Home” someone said…so what did my marathon loving husband and I do – we sign me up for a full marathon as a way to get back into my new normal. 241 more words

Living With Asthma

My Asthma Action Plan

I was totally tuned out after the lung doctor said that six-letter word…and when he asked what I needed to know…and what questions I had. ¬†Okay, it was a blur. 255 more words

Living With Asthma

Learning to Breathe

Today, I started my new journey and path to discovery.

Today, I started training for my first full marathon.

Today, I walked two miles.

Living With Asthma

My New Normal - Day One

My research started at the beginning – What is Asthma?

Where did I start? With the most reliable of sources for sure – the internet! I googled “Adult Onset Asthma” to see how me, a 40-something, could go for years without noticing. 174 more words

Living With Asthma

Denial is the First Stage of Grief

They say the first stage of grief is denial…that is the river I am swimming in for sure!

I will cover the back story later, but today is about D Day.   180 more words

Living With Asthma

Window to the World

First, some facts (hang in there): Since I have gotten so sick with COPD my mobility has become severely limited. I used to run two miles a day; now I can’t run at all. 476 more words

Living With Copd