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Church? Is it a building, is it a plane, is it a …

I always remember my father saying how amazing it was. That in the span of his father’s lifetime manned flight for the first time and manned flight to the moon had both happened. 847 more words


Brief Matters

    1. “A walnut killed him,” a relative says at the family reunion this summer, speaking of my great uncle. “He had a lot of food allergies,” says a second cousin. 616 more words

The Mathematical Signularity of A Joyous Life.

There are train tracks close to my home.

There is a freight line that passes along those tracks about twice a week at around 3am.  I imagine the conductor of this train as an old, grizzled veteran of the railroad; perfectly content to do exactly what he’s doing till the end of his days.  692 more words

A Bitter Cup

January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to my sister.

Change. Change can have such a bitter taste. Like that cheap coffee in the hospital waiting rooms, or a gas station’s left-from-yesterday-coffee, there’s a bitter aftertaste. 1,011 more words


Denial - Not just a River in Egypt

I am a competitive person by nature. And by this admission am hereby publicly confessing to be a perfectionist. In being a perfectionist, I am sometimes reluctant to admit to what I perceive to be weaknesses and shortcomings. 354 more words

Living In The Moment

real change hurts

The human brain doesn’t like change – it doesn’t feel safe.  The discomfort of change is obvious when we go through a relationship breakdown, lose our job or find ourselves in a confronting new situation. 500 more words


Immeasurable happiness

At a seminar on happiness the highly qualified and enthusiastic presenter was urging us all to have goals for everything we wanted in our lives. These goals needed to be specific, measurable and time bounded. 457 more words

Living With Change