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Sorry if you all thought I’d jumped off a cliff.  I might as well have done.  I’m having laptop woes and am currently without my machine.  563 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Okay... Here I Go With My Very First Post

I have thought and thought about the importance of my very first post. What can I possibly say about the start of this new journey?  I really want to reach people, touch them even. 986 more words


Weekly roundup

I’m still recovering from last weeks’ hospital shenanigans.  I’ve broken out in really itchy hives and, due to all the histamine, am sleeping badly spending half the night either peeing or bathed in oily sweat.  913 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Alright Already!

There’s that moment, just after having been flat-lined by a wicked cold or the flu, when you know you are on the mend, even though your energy is still low: a restless impatience to be ‘done with it’ so you can get back to life.  186 more words


Weekly Roundup

I can honestly say this week has been life-changing.  Having spent the past 4 months thinking this might be my last year on earth to finding out that, actually, all is well has been mind blowing.  710 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder


Two things….

First, a visit to my pain management doc yesterday turned into a bit of a marathon. He didn’t like the look of my right thumb/wrist, so off I went for XRays, then back to doc for diagnosis and treatment. 107 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

Toxic Relationships and Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness means minimizing the things in your life that make your symptoms worse.  Sometimes, it might mean eliminating people, especially if they stand in the way your happiness.  270 more words

Living With Chronic Illness