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Things I used to do

I’ve been ill since I was 26 and next year I’ll be 50.  I don’t ever dwell on the past or the person I used to be because it would drive me to despair, but for some reason I woke this morning thinking of some of the things I once did that I no longer do.  411 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Day 1301: Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are, reading this blog today?  Who do I think I am, posing such a question?

Who do you think saw this yesterday? 186 more words

Personal Growth

Weekly roundup

This week I’ve wanted to strangle my parents.  Either that or emigrate to a desert island and just leave them to it.  I don’t usually go through to see them on Wednesdays as my cleaner is here and she hoovers inside my car for me, but of course I ring them.  855 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

10 'Positives' to Chronic Illness

Having a limiting, chronic illness sucks. Feeling awful most days, relying on others for help, frequent hospital trips, being disabled…. You get the idea. It sucks. 681 more words


What I Carry, Spoonie Edition

Years ago, I remember a trend that spread through Flickr called “What’s In My Bag.” People emptied their totes and briefcases and purses and satchels to document the things they carried on an average day. 550 more words


Day 1299: Looks

As I look around, I notice how much looks matter to people.  Personally, I look at a lot more than just looks when I look at somebody. 179 more words

Personal Growth

Tell Someone You Care

The chronically ill walk a fine line between honesty and duplicity.

Loving, well-intentioned friends and acquaintances frequently ask us how we’re doing. But “How are you?” is typically used as a social greeting in the same category as “Good to see you.” and “How are the kids?” 879 more words

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