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Life on Keto pt2

As promised, here’s the rest of my latest food adventure :)

Dinners are usually made in large batches to be eaten throughout the week, which means they aren’t usually very photogenic. 428 more words


Moving Right Along

I had my meeting with the woman from the Navigator/palliative department of The Hospice Of The Western Reserve this afternoon. I had Bryce attend also because I am having trouble retaining information these days. 543 more words


This is not what I had in mind for jewelry...

2 doctor appointments, 1 ER visit, and a 24-hr heart monitor later…we’re still feeling the ups and downs of chronic illness.

It’s been a week of weak. 509 more words

Chronic Illness

My Journey with Fibromyalgia - Part 1 -Getting Diagnosed.

So, my journey with fibromyalgia started 2011 I think, I get a bit confused with all of the dates and I think it’s in 2011. Basically, what happened is that I was in work one day in January, I was sat at my desk, I had a bit of a cold and I coughed, when I coughed I felt something sort of ping or pop in the lower part of my back, I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I was okay to the rest of that day. 1,437 more words


My promise to you

I always think of a  blog as a collaboration between you and I, it doesn’t matter how much or what I write if you don’t read it. 533 more words


'Your Illness Doesn't Define You'

Yeah, except mine kind of does. I think this phrase gets said a lot mostly by non-disabled/ill people about disabled/ill people- ‘your illness doesn’t have to define you’. 1,063 more words


Friend Receives A Message From Spirit

I have a friend whose mother is a psychic medium. Apparently my friend has inherited her mom’s abilities; although she does not channel Spirits. I knew my friend was very intuitive and sensitive but I did not realize to what extent until today. 383 more words