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5 Ways to Be Productive With Chronic Illness

Learn how to keep a schedule and get things done despite chronic pain.

Being productive is important for people with chronic illness because it is an opportunity to focus on anything but their illnesses. 155 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

Still me

My brilliant friend Elizabeth Milo has prompted this blog post by something she wrote on her Facebook page and I have her permission to reprint it here. 762 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

"Be Positive": As helpful as the Microsoft Paperclip

And who wants to be like the Microsoft paperclip?

I have chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs). One day in March last year I came home from university placement feeling drowning-tired and crawled into bed expecting to sleep all weekend and be better by Monday. 614 more words

Weekly Roundup

So, last week I was in agony with a subluxed rib and not able to even wipe my bum, and this week there is not so much as a twinge of pain.  684 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Day 266 "Return To The One"

Lethargic limbs
while swarms
of thoughts
like predatory
to invade
of the mind.

Imaginary nets
fail to repel
escape eludes… 13 more words


Confessions From The Sick Bed

Before I was sick,
I counted the days and hours,
not because of drudgery –
I loved my job –
because I had stretched myself… 347 more words


Life Challenges Continued

I started this blog four years ago while awaiting the results of a lumpectomy, facing the possibility of cancer and questioning life.   I ducked the bullet, but a year later my husband was not so lucky – he started treatment for Stage III prostate cancer.  350 more words