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Weekly roundup

This week seems to’ve been a tough cookie.  My mast cells are still having a field day, my butt is covered in itchy hives, I feel nauseous every second of every day, I’m not sleeping well and I’m having reactions to just about everything I put in my mouth.  540 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder


It’s been some time since I updated ye faithful readers as to what is going on with me medically.

Some of you may know that I’ve spent more time in Johns Hopkins than I have in my own home since August 2014. 381 more words


All The Little Pieces

You, old man –
silent onlooker,
career behind you,
motivation stymied
senility lurking –
You are a part of me.

You, grandmother –
chronic caregiver, 146 more words


If wishes were fishes

A friend of mine posted a link on my Facebook page to this blog post written by a Lyme disease sufferer.  It’s called ‘How to deal with the fact that everyone else gets to have a life’ and outlines wonderfully the pain of living an ill and isolated life while healthy people just go about their business, leaving you behind.  915 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Presently Seeking Peace

Life is transition,
and when disability presented,
I brought along my social self –
optimistic, friendly, upbeat.

And I brought my spiritual self-
child, maiden, mother, crone. 231 more words


Life is Twisty-Turny

I find day-to-day life rather entertaining.  It is very twisty-turny in the way that one situation leads into another.  It is twisty-turny in how interactions with one person influence interactions with the next, and it certainly doesn’t stop its twisty-turny nature there. 346 more words

Moving Forward

Living Well With Chronic Illness, Part 1

Life changes drastically when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. The life you thought you would have is permanently altered, and learning how to cope and live well despite these changes isn’t easy. 1,151 more words

Chronic Illness