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Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday, appaerently the most depressing day of the year for countries in the northern hemisphere. A quick google search tells me it was an expression coined by a travel company to try and work out statistically when people would be most likely to buy a holiday, and it’s been decided that today is Blue Monday because of a calculation based on time since Christmas, money, motivation from having failed at resolutions, the weather and the fact that it feels a long time til the next holiday. 394 more words


Weekly roundup

In order for me to get through everything I need to do with my very limited energy I have to have a schedule.  I break the week up into days and each day up into hours and each hour has an activity.  667 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Rest & Sleep Days

I hate these days. If you’re healthy, you might think a day lounging round in your PJs watching Netflix sounds great, but to me, it’s a regular occurrence and stops me from doing even basic things I want to do. 1,033 more words


Whole 30, Day 7

One week down, 3 more to go! Ugh, I miss cheese! And chocolate, but mostly cheese. That’s really about it though, yay!! I don’t miss the sugar in my morning coffee and while my evening cup of tea isn’t quite as pleasurable as it was before, I’m learning to enjoy it. 596 more words


5 Years...

As 2017 begins, I’m reminded of the journey the 5 past years have been.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. 5 years ago I decided to climb a mountain. 441 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

Waiting for a Bus

A year ago today I wrote this:

There’s a lot of waiting going on at the moment. I feel like I’m watching a tv series and waiting to find out the ending but the writer hasn’t finished it yet.

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Weekly roundup

This weekend is the last of my staycation.  I’ve had a lovely 2 weeks resting (in between walking the dog, doing meals, the odd bit of laundry, the dishes and all the other stuff that can’t be ignored) and it’s been heavenly.  1,015 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder