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I'm a person who wants to do a lot of things trapped in a body that wants to sleep a lot.

Firstly my apologies for being absent the last month or so, My dark cloud got me again, it got me real gooood this time (sad face here). 696 more words

Shit That Goes On In My Head

CBD or Opiates

I’m throwing it out there that I use cannabis to help with my pain, my anxiety, and the hovering depression related to all these years of fucking pain, to be frank. 707 more words

6 Self-Protection Measures My Healthy Friends Don’t Understand

By Maureen DeGarmo

I have been an Illness Warrior for forty years. That’s right…forty. I have a working theory that most of my mystery disease stems from a car accident that occurred in 1977. 664 more words

Coping Strategies

Keeping it REal Unedited, Yep that kinda day :)

Where I am at, its still Morning,

So I would like to start by saying HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

I’m listening to “The Daily” podcast while I’m having juice on my patio. 856 more words

Who I Used to Be

By Maureen DeGarmo

There is no doubt that illness changes a person, but are those changes all negative? I have been trying to reconcile my pre-illness self with my current self, and to figure out what I have learned from my journey. 555 more words

Chronic Illness

We Keep Going


There are some of us who have been told for most of our lives that we’re weird, or different, or unique, or strange, or eccentric. 476 more words


The constant noise of an anxious brain

I have lived with irrational thoughts my whole life.  A lot of people are able to look back on something they didn’t excel in and think “I know what to do next time.”  For me, weeks of over-analysing and sweating over the minutiae of every word and interaction will ensue: that nano-second of what I thought was a look (it was definitely a look that said they hated my entire being) or that moment of perceived awkwardness where in fact they may have paused to think, or to…you know…breathe. 770 more words

Self Improvement