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4 Simple Methods I Use To Manage Anxiety Attacks

At the moment of an anxiety attack, your reasoning goes out the window. Thoughts race, and any attempt to catch up to them is as good as none. 546 more words

Mental Health

The Highly Sensitive Person

I’m a hard worker when I’m working.

I just lost my job sometime last week. Reasons I don’t want to get into. I want to say, though, that keeping a job while dealing with depression is very hard. 254 more words

Mental Health

What I Mean When I Say "Migraine" + Dealing At Work

“Oh, I get headaches, too! I’ve got an IBUProfen, do you want one?”

The first thing I learned after being diagnosed with a chronic illness is that it is incredibly difficult for people to understand. 1,379 more words


Keep Fumbling Through

On the path through life, there are sections that are full of beauty and opportunity, and others that seem to hold one disappointment after another. I am currently facing the latter. 470 more words

What I Carry, Spoonie Edition

Years ago, I remember a trend that spread through Flickr called “What’s In My Bag.” People emptied their totes and briefcases and purses and satchels to document the things they carried on an average day. 550 more words


His Majesty

Torvald has been having a difficult week, which is one reason I’ve not posted in ages; that, and the heat, which melts your brain.

I fuss over him a good deal, my fluffy Viking. 231 more words

How Do You Do It? Practice

This summer I am working on the fourth revision of a diary I keep while going through cancer. Each day I will share one rewritten entry. 149 more words