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Coping -- living witth a chronic illness


CPR – I found this on the bulletin board in a lab while my blood was being taken, and asked for a copy.  816 more words


Tips for coping with a flare up

Hey everyone! So I get a lot of questions asking how to cope with an IBS flare-up. Bear in mind that everyone has different has different methods, these are just a few of things I do. 475 more words

Low Fodmap

Ten Years of Mays and Happy Mom's Day

May is always a significant month for me, and I think I write about it every year.

This May marks 10 years since I broke out of the nursing home and embarked on independent living that everyone seemed to tell me was not in my future.  393 more words

Moving Forward

Life is Twisty-Turny

I find day-to-day life rather entertaining.  It is very twisty-turny in the way that one situation leads into another.  It is twisty-turny in how interactions with one person influence interactions with the next, and it certainly doesn’t stop its twisty-turny nature there. 346 more words

Moving Forward

This life...

So after a long break I’ve decided to start writing again. I don’t know for how long I will do this, but I felt like doing it today. 123 more words


The diagnosis.

I am defining the terms of this fight,

my love,

I call them out from the sidelines – write them on your arms,

carve them on your heart: 119 more words

The Art of Letting Go

So it goes.

The past 5 or so years of life have been very enlightening for me. Tragedy and heartache can do that, illness can do that, the amazing and effervescent gift of life and love can do that, life it seems…does that. 416 more words

Navigating The World With Food Allergies