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They rule our Lives on the daily be it work,personal or any aspect of our life big or little it’s the one thing that’s been playing on my mind the last few days since I made a decision to end one friendship and to follow that up I was faced with, a decision on wether to walk away from a close friendship a lot of this was deriving from the insecurities I already have about close friendships I’ve spent the last few days weighing things up, pros and cons, reasoning behind it and how will I feel once I’ve made the decision. 211 more words

I Let Go

I got stronger, more foundational, more sure of what I was becoming.
I was still afraid,still cautious and still unsure of what it meant for a certain piece of my life. 114 more words




This was kind of hard. I want to go everywhereish but it said where do you PLAN on going so I made a someday list. 408 more words


Choice (Words to Myself)

Sometimes you have to make a choice which will change the course of your life. It may be something you do because you want to, other times it is because you have to. 201 more words



The last couple weeks I’ve been playing with branding. I need to have my own branding, and I’ve not really figured all that out. I did finally settle on fonts and main colors. 82 more words

Are you Living?

Morning Thought: Don’t be so fearful of death that you don’t live. And don’t think that living is skydiving, travelling or camping. Living is knowing the Lord and doing his will. 57 more words

Morning Thought