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To be seen.


Ignorance might be bliss.

But we weren’t called to be blind,

To hide out safe,

in the dark.

We were called to see and be seen, 115 more words

Dark side of the moon

People risk their lives to see the far side of the moon. They train for it, for a glimpse of the dark side of something that has lit up their nights for ages. 1,291 more words

Project Happiness 365: Day 288

Some days ago, I posted about an app called Booster Buddy. This little buddy I chose is the source of my happiness. I love this app. 132 more words


9 Spaces Where Totally Over-the-Top Wallpaper Totally Worked — Pattern Power

What’s more fun than a wall of wallpaper? A wall of really crazy, incredibly unique wallpaper. These homeowners took a bit of a risk with some very bold patterns — with some very exciting results. 161 more words


Those women

You know. Those women.

The ones in the salacious headlines. The ones we talk about. The ones we love to shame.

Prostitutes. Whores. Undesirables.

The ones who have gigantic, beautiful dreams for themselves and their children. 69 more words

Personal Growth

How to Make An 80s-Inspired Patterned Tile Planter With 98¢ Tile

House plants are a great addition to any home and stylish planters make them even more part of your decor. We asked artist and surface designer Dana Finnigan to share her favorite method for making a handmade tile planter — which you can customize with your own pattern. 925 more words


Unexpected beauty

I’ve been thinking a lot about beauty recently. Being on holiday in the Swiss mountains probably helped.

Beauty adds so much to life – a sense of awe, joy, inspiration. 212 more words