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We Live In A Shallow World

“People care much more for how things look than how things are.”
Donna Lynn Hope

I still remember the day I heard a family friend had passed away from cancer earlier this year. 1,835 more words

Daily Thoughts

Multi Level Marketing - Stop the Nay Saying

A bit of an unusual rant from me but I truly felt that I had to speak up on behalf of women.

I recently watched a YouTube clip about a product a friend of mine had started selling. 514 more words


September and Spring

September has always been a favourite month of mine.

In my head it has always felt like a time of new beginnings. When we lived in the northern hemisphere that seemed at odds with the fact that it marked the start of autumn – a time for closing in rather than reaching out – but perhaps I associated it with the start of the academic year. 984 more words


I'm off the water grid, so do I still need to take short showers?

Q. We live in a drought-stricken part of California (i.e., we live in California), but we get our water from a well, pumped by our solar panels. 738 more words


Kickin' it in Korea [Year One]

Tomorrow I leave the peninsula of the ROK to head back to the land of the USA. I’ve been allowed a lot of time to reflect how this experience has changed my perspective as well as lament the things I will truly miss (besides the wonderful friends, or as ex-pats say, family I made).  859 more words








What's Happening? The Recap Of the Past Two Weeks

It has been two weeks and two days since my visit to the ER.

I attempted to mow my lawn. It’s fairly small in the front and good sized in the back. 789 more words

Infectious Disease