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Delighted to see the Heirloom by Match residential development of the historic former Dalgety Woolstores at Fremantle’s Queen Victoria Street. It was the first time in years this morning that there was no scaffolding around it. 14 more words

Western Australia

Living A Double Life - Follow These Clues And Uncover A Cheating Spouse

If you suspect your spouse is living a double life, it is in your best interest to be sure before you start the finger-pointing. But how are you really sure they are cheating on you? 25 more words

Finding my special item!

Now that I found it.
Now that I found the item, we can move on. The night was young. This is the story about my attempt to make my phone work again. 465 more words

Feeling Is Everything

​When you are dealing with feeling, it seems like you deal with everything.

Feeling sometimes is so overwhelming.

It seems like it’s bigger than power, order, objective, routine, fact, intelligence, and commonsense; even though I fact it is affected by them. 134 more words


No tittle

Thật khó mà hiểu nổi suy nghĩ của con gái khi yêu, cái mindmap của họ lòng vòng hơn cuộn dây bị rối :D

Ấy là cảm nghĩ khi đọc trộm NKTTL (nhật kí tiểu thư lợn). 67 more words



Hi! Beautiful! How would you know how beautiful I am if you don’t know me?
Sexy glasses! Then, by all means buy the same pair and fuck them!


Resisting Sin: God Works From Within

 Odysseus heard the siren call,
And tied himself to the mast, least he fall,
In a strain to keep himself from the sin,
He knew his heart that sin came from within. 192 more words