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There's Still Time! A Quick & Easy Idea to Decorate Your Tree for Less Than $4 — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Is it really only two weeks left until Christmas? It seems as though there’s an endless list of things to be done — decorating the house, buying presents, ordering the turkey…no wonder they say Christmas is the most expensive time of the year! 279 more words


Will you choose joy?

Be intentional.

Every Single Day.

Decide to choose joy and peace.



The Secrets of the World

I never drank so deeply of your eyes

as I should have.


I gazed out over the sea

and waited.

I never told you why. 224 more words


Conversations with porn stars: My life after leaving the industry

Raylin Joy Getty Images

Only those who have worked within the industry truly understand what it means to be an adult actor, yet their voices are often unheard in the debate. 611 more words


Technetronic Enslavement: Life Inside the Matrix of Control

by Patrick Henningsen, New DawnWaking Times

The march of modern progress has brought forth many advances for humanity, and yet man is lost. Technology, automation, and miniaturisation, along with the micro-processing revolution, allow things to happen that were unimaginable only ten years ago, let alone a century before. 930 more words


Fear Makes Living Seem like a Bad Idea 

These are the adventures of James Kingston. It could be said that we are the maniacs for not wanting to do something so adrenaline fuelled in this short period of time we call life, what’s life without living? 224 more words


Time after time

When science has reduced you to a DNA Code

The pointless moment can feel like a lifetime

Remember your faults are your perfections

Your tears and rejections always have a beauty… 67 more words