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Confiance à croire

Flowing throughout time

weathering societies pressure

as we live life, on the street… 39 more words

Out With The Wiggles: Monument Valley and Horseshoe Bend

“Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.” ~ Tom Stoppard

This is the third post in its series

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My First Electric Car Experience

Well so much for having more time! I’ve been rushed off my feet recently with various matters going on in my life. Firstly, I made the decision to go back into self-employment a few weeks ago as the jobs market where I live in the North East of England is so bad its practically none existent. 872 more words

It's Not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle

So here’s a not so little secret about me if you know literally anything about me, I love to take pictures of my food. Almost as much as I love to eat it. 980 more words

Embracing Identity in the Dynamite City of San Antonio

This post is going to be a bit cliché. Typically, my writing routine since graduation back in December 2014 begins with dissatisfaction, illness, or heartache, but my heart needs more than a poetic outlet for pain. 541 more words


No fun, cruel world

We live in a cruel world

I never believed in a perfect world or a world of sunshine and roses, but I didn’t think the world would ever be as cruel to me as it is right now. 291 more words