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The If-I'd-Hit-The-Bucket List

Today I decided to write a new kind of bucket list.  It is my response to Project Semicolon.  Since age 11 I have lived with the stark knowledge that death is a choice that each of us can make.  996 more words

Maehem In Da World

What to do with sour milk?

I recently bought milk (I don’t normally, but you know how it is…it looked so good in a bottle in the refrigerated section, and I just grabbed it on impulse). 54 more words


I'm not a good blogger..

I’m everything but a consistant person.. BUT I got this fit book and I have been doing it for a week.. YAY!

I’m trying all these difference approaches to getting my life back on track and trying to record it.. 33 more words



You wake up swiping shut the alarm on your phone after three snoozes on your phone. You know you will miss the first alarm and not wake up for another hour if you don’t keep the snooze. 627 more words


What if this is as good as it gets..?

Having spent the last couple of weeks peering into a whole new and beautiful world of colour, movement, light, and wonder it’s somewhat surprising to feel a little blue. 509 more words


Is Morality Confined To A Theory Of Forms?

My experience in life would suggest that there are those individuals who believe that morals or morality as a whole is like Plato’s Theory of forms. 1,380 more words

Doors! Doors! Doors!

The doors are in!


We eagerly awaited their arrival on Thursday morning from 6.30 am.

When they turned up, I was a bit concerned to see only two doors on the truck but quickly learnt that the 6m stacking door was the longest door they’ve ever made and didn’t fit on the truck pre assembled so the guys had to assemble the door on site. 389 more words