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What to create today?

‘Creative’ is a not a word I have associated with myself. Hard-working, clever, ambitious, optimistic – yes, these are words I am more comfortable owning. Yet, here I find myself in a position that I have created to be completely creative. 140 more words


Refresh: The Get Back

Each day you get a fresh 24 hours to have a brand new start and turn your life in a different direction. Each day, you decide whether you want to be stuck in the same situation you were in yesterday or make changes to put you in a better position tomorrow. 549 more words


Many people, myself included (before I started Uni anyway) believe that University is just one big party, where you making amazing memories, party loads, move away from home and gain full independence.   664 more words


I am Only Nineteen

The sun.
Everyday we start with the sun.
We wake up, catch a glimpse and are blinded from the light radiating off,
We are welcomed with its warmth as we step into its present, 298 more words


Making Space

What do you think of when I ask, what do you make space for?

In order to have things in our lives, we must make space for them. 81 more words



Changing direction
Hoping for more
Out of time
Irresponsibly right
Choosing yes
Everything in place
Sure and Proud… 76 more words

Workin' 9 till 5.

“What a way to make a living…”

Before I start I want to say that for many people, their work is their passion. To go to work is less of a chore and more of a choice.

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