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Go to your edge

For everything

Is groundless;


There life arises.



I am a Lyft driver on the weekends and here is a story.

I picked them up near the ocean. A father and son. The father didn’t move fast because his joints just wouldn’t let him. 189 more words



Saturday, sandwiched between the relief of Friday, and the slowly rising anxious wait on Sunday. Or, Saturday, the day between the death of Christ, and his resurrection on Sunday. 765 more words

Live positively

Stop speaking negativity over your life.  Life is meant to be a positive experience, but often times without realising it, we let it all pass us by because we are busy being distracted by the noise we miss the music.  290 more words


Navigating Life

I sat in a window seat of my Grad School building waiting for a ride from Adam. The sun had sunk so far into the horizon that the timid stars began to return from hiding. 522 more words


Not Afraid to Live

Does the thought of each new day excite you, or do you try to stay in bed as long as you can for fear of what the day may bring? 657 more words


Arthur's Pass to the west side of New Zealand.

The day started off with a short taxi ride to the airport where we pick up our motorhome that was to be our home for the next 9 nights. 293 more words