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Why I Write

In his book ‘Why I Write’ George Orwell claims that all writers are ‘vain, selfish and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery.’ Ah ha! 125 more words



Time & Energy

I think most of us think about having more time along with having more energy! I know I do. I know I find myself just going through the motions most days and then find myself needing a switch up. 494 more words


Did laughter make the mind?

A Jeep full of the Daughters of Charity in St Louis, Missouri in 1964. Photo by Bert Glinn/Magnum

A psychological relief valve and a guard against despotism, laughter is a uniquely human – and collective – activity … 663 more words


A Lesson in Death

Is it really death we are scared of or something else entirely?

We all know that one day we shall cease to exist, yet even in knowing this many will waste their lives and only begin to lament their choices once it’s too late, almost begging for another chance. 410 more words


You Mean the Cine-World to Me! My Valentine’s Day Movie Reviews

I thought I would kick off this Monday’s blog post with something a little more personal from me; namely what I did for Valentine’s day! Now I have always been quite the cynic at heart, believing that you should show your significant other that you care every day, and that the little ways in which you do that mean far more than any chocolates or roses. 2,292 more words


Your piquant spittle

and turning
to impart flavor
the relish
I truly savour
our tongues duel
and softly wriggle,
the quench
for love’s fuel
you kindly giggle… 17 more words


Interview with a Young Man

Hi all. I hope you’ve been enjoying reading these interviews just like I did, and to top it all off the last person I interviewed is a young guy who I greatly admire. 433 more words