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50 Word Stories: The Rainbow Basher

"I hate rainbows, they're miserable."
"No they're not, they're beautiful. All those colours filling the sky makes the world seem better."
"If you like multicoloured frowns. 32 more words


...Because I believe.

I love to think of life as a maze
That draws in those who dare to be dazed
The lights, the colors, the shut doors and vague turns… 110 more words


The One, The Three and The Many

Reclaiming Christian Witness and Authority

1. A lamentation and a call for God’s people today!

For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy. For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. 1,367 more words

Christian Living

Enjoy our world

Life as I know it has gone from non-eventful, simple, stable marriage, to a chaotic, disheveled crazy life, that seems to be in the dumpster half the time. 318 more words


Where do I really belong?

Every time I come “home”, I feel less and less like I belong there.  In my ADD efforts to not do the millions of things on my “To Do” list the other day, I decided to take a bunch of cheesy online quizzes to see in which country I really belong. 281 more words


And so it begins...

I am a procrastinator of sorts. If you give me a hard and fast deadline, my masterpiece will sail into your hands just in time. If, however, I tell myself I should start a new blog and fail to give myself a deadline, I’ll spend the next three years chewing up ideas and spitting them out. 227 more words