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Exhausted on a Saturday.  Grateful for a long weekend with which to do anything of my own choosing.

Free time increasingly becomes a luxury, set against the pace of modern life. 10 more words


The Waiting Room

Only God can help when what I want most is lost.

That’s my observation from my seat in the waiting room. It’s a seat I have been in too many times.

833 more words

What Is Your Defining Word?

My Dad was a firefighter for many years. As a fire captain, part of his job was interviewing potential candidates to join the department. Tonight, I learned that he would bring out a handful of cards filled with various words with certain characteristics. 270 more words


IB Back

I have returned and oh, how beautiful the world is! We took a lovely trip over the mountains and through the woods, had a romantic picnic by the lake, played in the river, camped by the ocean. 135 more words

No time to waste . . .

I just added this page to “Treatment Journal” in this blog.  Follow the link to read it.



The foreigner that goes farther away from home

Going back to a country where you only belong in paper is a difficult thing to do.

I was born in the US from mexican parents that decided to go back to their country nearly a year after I was born. 490 more words