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Preparing for Winter

As September turned into October, our weather went from being unseasonably warm to very cool. Overnight lows are now regularly down into the thirties and we have flirted with frost on several nights. 551 more words


Mouths Wide Shut!

Mouths Wide Shut

Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the…

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2 Small And Cute French Apartments Under 50 Square Meters Designed By Margaux Beja

There is a reason that so many of us look to French style for inspiration – from clothing to interiors to cuisine. The French way of life simply seems to take these things, the comforts in life, the moments of relaxation, the odd glass of wine or the shared smiles over an espresso, a bit […] // http://ift.tt/NlZgQi


Have You Purchased a Casper Mattress? Share Your Experience! — Reader Reviews

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A few years ago buying a mattress online, sight unseen, would have seem ludicrous and risky. With a crop of new mattress companies catering to online customers, it’s becoming commonplace. 27 more words


Living for today

I’ve always loved the infinity symbol. A never-ending loop, weaving back and forth between itself. In this world, we are surrounded by infinities. As John Greene put it so perfectly in  193 more words


That Moment...

I heard footsteps the other day in the pit of my conscious. It was as if they were leading to a door that was never meant to be opened…by my uncertainty. 160 more words