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RIDM 2017 Review: Tongue Cutters (Tungeskjærerne)

“Small children, big knives.” That’s one of the tag lines for the Norwegian documentary Tongue Cutters. There are some scary spikes, too. And forklifts zipping back and forth. 410 more words

Liz Ferguson

RIDM 2017 Review: Do Donkeys Act?

Do Donkeys Act is a charming, calm, contemplative film that just shows donkeys doing what donkeys do when left to their own devices. There are no experts explaining the evolution of donkeys, their place in history, or whatever. 424 more words

Liz Ferguson

RIDM 2017 Review: Don’t Miss Dragonfly Eyes!

Dragonfly Eyes is one of my favourite films of RIDM 2017. It’s inventive, fascinating and more than a little disturbing.

While the dialogue in Dragonfly Eyes is read by actors, the video portion of the film is made entirely from snippets of surveillance video found on the Internet. 498 more words

Liz Ferguson

RIDM 2017: Review of documentary film Taste of Cement

Taste of Cement is a melancholy, sympathetic, and arty documentary about Syrian construction workers in Beirut, Lebanon.

They are building a high-rise apartment building near the Mediterranean shore. 645 more words

Liz Ferguson

RIDM 2017 Review of documentary film Cielo

The documentary film Cielo is set in the Atacama Desert of Chile. I put Cielo on my “must-see list” after seeing extracts from the film at the press conference for Montreal’s RIDM film festival. 683 more words

Liz Ferguson

RIDM 2017: Review of Zaatari Djinn

The documentary film Zaatari Djinn shows us what life is like for two girls and two boys in Jordan’s sprawling Zaatari camp, which is home for 80,000 to 100,000 Syrian refugees. 820 more words

Liz Ferguson

The 20th edition of RIDM, Montreal's documentary film festival, is now underway

November! Bah, humbug! I dislike November because of its shorter days and colder temperatures. But RIDM, Montreal’s documentary film festival, is a rare bright spot in the otherwise dreary 11th month. 414 more words

Liz Ferguson