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Why Working For Liz Lemon Would Make Your Life Easier

If Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) didn’t have some kind of emotional, pseudo-familial attachment to the collection of weirdos and slackers under her employ, there’s no way those people would have been able to keep their jobs. 811 more words



There are things in life that I simply don’t like doing. Taking showers, for one. Doing dishes. Or folding laundry. But what happens if I don’t take care of any one of those items? 423 more words


Buzzfeed's 4 Best Quizzes Published So Far This Month

Confession: I love Buzzfeed. I have seen the majority of their viral videos, including all of their mini-recipe Tasty series. I can name all of the Try-Guys, follow the majority of their most popular featured actors on Twitter, and daydream about what it would be like to be friends with… 475 more words

Being a Ridiculous Person is Hard

Everyone loves to watch that character in a movie or tv show…….Bridget Jones or Leslie Knope or Liz Lemon…….the one that bumbles through life saying outrageous things and making horrible mistakes. 1,781 more words


My spinster role models

As I embark on this new journey, I thought I should find some role models for myself.  They may not have been spinsters for their whole lives, but they embody the attitude I want to start cultivating.   354 more words

30 rock, liz lemon, lets do this Gif For Fun

30 rock, liz lemon, lets do this Gif for Fun at your Time



Happy 3rd-to-last waifu Wednesday everyone!