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Time: It’s One More Thing Poor People Can’t Buy

By Sara Bloomberg

Wait, wait, wait.

Then wait some more.

Because although time is money, you have to have the latter to get more of the former. 289 more words


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I was so productive this morning, I got so many things done that I had been putting off. Fast forward to this evening and I’m a total bitch. 44 more words

having it all

I do not know who decided that today is National Sandwich Day, but I do know that I like that person a whole lot more than the person who double-booked November 3 with National Housewife Day. 611 more words


It’s been a long and frustrating day. One of those super-busy, slightly chaotic days where nothing quite goes according to plan. I spent much of my work day mumble-swearing to myself and telling my ringing phone to bugger off, in the desperate hope that I’d just be left alone to finish an apparently endless task. 76 more words


Day One of Insanity

Last night I did something unspeakable. Something appalling. Something truly awful.

I went to a Halloween party.

Granted, I spent most of the time in the back room, keeping the cats company and reading between intermittent visitors seeking a moment of peace from the thumping music and hordes of bodies because I’m fun like that. 248 more words