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There are no bad ideas...

I love 30 Rock.

There is a particular quote from this show that sums up my thoughts on starting this blog – which at this point is created as a creative outlet for my ranting, thoughts, insights and general rambling on what seems to always be an overly complicated life, even when I am trying my hardest to keep things as quiet and boring as possible…. 23 more words

What Helps This Girl Write...

Having EXACTLY this kind of conversation with my manager and BFF.

Sometimes rewinding and starting from a place of zero understanding is just what’s needed… It’s quality friction :)



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This Modern Love (no not the song by Bloc Party)

As is the case for many women in their mid twenties these days, I am single and fabulous… living that independent lady life. Like Beyonce… 1,102 more words

Single Life

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