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Alec Baldwin Lightened His Home Portfolio

Back in 2014, Alec Baldwin wrote his notorious New York Magazine article in which he declared he was done with public life and also very over New York. 332 more words

Alec Baldwin

122. Liz Lemon Pizza Mood -.-

Bufalotta : buffalo mozzarella cheese, cheery tomatoes, dry ham from Parma, fresh basil

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The Group Interview

Alright, I’m back y’all.

May is going to be okay, I’m turning over a new leaf, this will be the Renaissance of Weekes.

Of course, I say these things through clenched teeth behind a fake smile of hopeless optimism with a paperclip holding my shirt cuff together because my button fell off this morning and rolled into a black hole. 948 more words

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Why Working For Liz Lemon Would Make Your Life Easier

If Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) didn’t have some kind of emotional, pseudo-familial attachment to the collection of weirdos and slackers under her employ, there’s no way those people would have been able to keep their jobs. 811 more words



There are things in life that I simply don’t like doing. Taking showers, for one. Doing dishes. Or folding laundry. But what happens if I don’t take care of any one of those items? 423 more words