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16 Times Liz Lemon Was My Spirit Animal

After finishing 30 Rock for the second time, I am deciding that I owe tribute to Liz Lemon. I probably won’t end up as a head TV writer in New York (as wonderful as that sounds), but I appreciate there’s a fictional character who embodies a generation of females so well. 260 more words


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Favorite Things: Female Friendships

I have always understood the power of female friendships. I consider myself extremely lucky to have so many badass women in my life. There’s a stereotype about women that they don’t get along with each other but I’ve never had that be the case. 499 more words


What Would Liz Do?

We’re very fortunate – we, the young women of today. We are lucky enough to be provided with an endless supply of extraordinary female heroes whose footsteps we want to follow. 487 more words


I'm the Liz Lemon of Prostitutes. Also, vagina.

Because I was a nun when I was a teenager, I was never taught sex ED. Never thought I would need it. Boy, was I wrong. 245 more words

Call Girl

Good God, Lemon

On NBC’s 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy (played by Alec Baldwin) takes every opportunity to spit out his quick-witted catch phrase: “Good God, Lemon.” 877 more words


“Can I share with you my worldview?  All of humankind has one thing in common:  the sandwich.  I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.” — Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, 30 Rock…

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