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How Serious is #NeverTrump?

April 10, 2016

Never Trump. It’s sort of self-explanatory, right? If you believe The Donald is an existential threat to mankind, or at least the Republican Party, then you’re up for anything and everything in order to stop him. 2,088 more words

Report: Liz Mair Anti-Trump Super PAC Reportedly Linked to Carly Fiorina

The establishment anti-Trump super PAC responsible for the sleazy and exploitative ad featuring a semi-nude picture of Donald Trump’s wife has reportedly been linked to former candidate Carly Fiorina. 612 more words

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Ugly, Uglier, and Ugliest

The 2016 republican presidential campaign is becoming … well, not very “presidential”.  In fact, it has reached the bottom of the barrel as far as sleazy and ugly are concerned.  918 more words

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Breitbart: “The head of an anti-Donald Trump super PAC threatens on Twitter to file criminal charges against Trump supporters. Liz Mair, founder of the anti-Trump PAC Make America Awesome, is under fire after launching an ad in Utah depicting First Lady candidate Melania Trump, a model, posing nude, and encouraging people to vote for Sen. 161 more words


Pro-Cruz Operative Liz Mair Melts Down After Nude Attack Ad Blowback

Former RNC operative Liz Mair is going batshit after drawing heavy flak over an extremely distasteful pro-Cruz attack ad featuring nude pictures of Melania Trump. Mair who runs the super PAC “Make America Awesome” has faced a counterattack from Trump supporters and is wailing about taking legal action. 293 more words

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