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"Not What The People Want": Scott Walker Failed Because He Followed The Republican Party's Playbook

On Monday evening, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced that he was dropping out of the 2016 presidential race. “Today, I believe that I am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field,” he… 532 more words


"Koch Zero": Is The Fall Of Scott Walker A Sign That The Kochs Are Not As Powerful As They Want Progressives To Think They Are?

With big money in American politics remaining a clear and present threat, and the odds of adding a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution specifically stating that money is not speech and corporations are not people… 740 more words


Ross Douthat: Why Jeb Bush Might Lose

New York Times: IF you’re keeping score during the endless 2016 preseason, this was a pretty good week for Jeb Bush.

First, he watched Scott Walker, currently his main competitor for the Republican front-runner slot, stumble through another not-ready-for-prime-time moment, first hiring a well-liked young consultant named Liz Mair and then sacking her one day later because it turned out that she had tweeted intemperately about the sacred state of Iowa. 105 more words


"Cowering Before A Few Rotting Corn Stalks": Scott Walker, The Gutless Wonder Of The 2016 Presidential Race

Sometimes the most inside-baseball political stories tell you something essential about a presidential candidate. That’s what happened this week to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who apparently wants to win the Iowa caucuses so badly that he’s willing to torch his staff and his reputation to do it. 648 more words


PEGGY NOONAN: Both Parties Are Nervous About 2016

Wall Street Journal: Hillary is the only thing holding Democrats together, and Bushes always break the Republican Party.

The 2016 presidential campaign is here, pushed up prematurely by the Hillary Clinton email controversy. 67 more words


Obama Vows Retaliation Over Bibi’s Campaign Rhetoric + More - Daily Digest

The Patriot Post ~


“All sober inquirers after truth … have declared that the happiness of man, as well as his dignity, consists in virtue.” –John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776… 2,970 more words