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Blue-headed Anole
Anolis allisoni (Wild)


Broadhead Skink (Plestiodon laticeps)

Largest of the native skinks in Virginia, broadhead  skinks are virtually indistinguishable from five-lined skinks when young. With the blue tails and five lighter lines, only a slight variation in their scales distinguish them from their… 113 more words

the gayest month of the year

I must not omit to state at one period of the  prenant Vedenie Braham tam dostali postupnosť ľahkých francúzskych opier , s anglickým libreta . 53 more words


The Dragon Slayer

We once roamed the earth as Dinosaurs.

Lizards are cute. Lizards are funny.They camouflage because they are shy. They have no desire to be seen or heard. 1,164 more words