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A normal day in the French countryside :

An innocent frenchie goes to the door.
Thought : Who’s got the stupid idea of hanging a shoelace here ? 100 more words

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A sleeping lizard curled up asleep among the pedals of a bright red rose

The sleepy little creature was discovered snuggled down inside the flower catching up on some shut-eye after a young girl picked it to give to her mother. 55 more words


How do lizards grow their tails back? Do they grow new vertebrae too?

Answered by Dr. Chuck Peterson, Herpetologist, Idaho State University

Some species of lizards are able to shed or lose their tails when trying to escape from a predator. 488 more words


Philippine Water Monitor

Philippine Water Monitor. The largest lizard found in the Philippines and can grow up to 2.5 metres long. It has stunning coloured skin and impressive claws. 13 more words


Where is Duke?

I don’t know if it’s because it’s that time of year or its due to hurricane Joaquin, or the freak weather in South Carolina, but the weather has been so nice here lately. 214 more words


Nature's nasties waking up in the Antipodes

Spring has arrived in Australia. My garden is beginning to awaken from the long winter months. And with it some eyes are opening ready to explore. 91 more words