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Watching Me Watching It

With the hot summer days comes the appearance of the local lizards, mainly the eastern water dragons, usually spotted lying in the afternoon sun on the warm pavers. 97 more words


Of mice and men. And Tupperware. #humor #SundayBlogShare

Parenting 101 (Amended):

One of the Things They Lied About is that children acquire a sense of companionship and personal responsibility from having a pet. The only things my children learned from having a dog were not to let the hand holding the hot dog drop below table-level and to turn around three times before going to sleep. 729 more words


A Pet Could be Healthy for your Support System. Who's in your #PHCrew?

When we’re little kids yearning for a puppy, we’re often asked if the joy we get from companionship is worth the responsibilities associated with caring for an animal. 436 more words

Anolis sagrei, 27 November 2015

Anolis sagrei, the Brown anole;
Monroe county, Florida (27 November 2015, Nikon D7100).

The Cuban brown anole, Anolis sagrei, is a non-native species  136 more words


Bipedal Cretaceous lizard tracks

These are the oldest lizard tracks in the world…

(if you don’t consider Rotodactylus (Early Triassic) strictly a ‘lizard’ (= squamate). One rotodactylid trackmaker, Cosesaurus… 467 more words

Reptile Family Tree


La baie des Saintes, Guadeloupe, Antilles Françaises, September 22 2009

(Apple iPhone 3GS)