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Lately I have been thinking so much about Lizzie McGuire. If you’ve not seen or heard of Lizzie McGuire, stop reading this and look it up right now and prepare to have your life changed. 130 more words


This is what dreams are made of

Good news!

Just got off the phone from our dear friend Hiz – no, not future POTUS Hiz, but the Hiz with one L aka… 102 more words


Lizzie McGuire, the 90s, 2k, who knows what else 10.1.15


Chris Geith “Tales and Legends”  (2008)

Think back to a certain time in your childhood:  What time was it?  What do you remember about that time period?  310 more words

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LIOG... TV Shows of My Childhood! 📺📺 Part I

This could possibly be a loooong list! So I am making this edition TV families I love!

  1. Boy Meets World! I still watch this show! I had the biggest crush on Will Friedle. 
  2. 254 more words

Living in the Lizzie McGuire Movie

Remember when Paolo takes Lizzie on that romantic date through Rome, and they frolic through gardens of fountains and all you ever dreamed of was to be her someday? 154 more words

Miracle Mile, The People Under The Stairs.


Miracle Mile is an 80’s apocalyptic thriller starring Anthony Edwards (Revenge Of The Nerds) and Mare Winningham. Written and directed by Steve De Jarnatt who, surprisingly, only ever directed two feature length films; this and… 647 more words