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Here comes the sun

Another day, another dollar. Sunrise, sunset. Is it the weekend yet?

All are phases that are used to wish away the present. We dwell on the past, wish for the future, and hardly ever do we live in the now. 218 more words


3. a scene straight out of the Lizzie McGuire movie

One time, I told someone that my dream job is to make movies. Problem is that this is the only thing currently in my portfolio to apply to film school. 73 more words

Study Abroad

The evolution of beauty trends through the eyes of a 90s baby

The earliest beauty trend I can remember is the glorious brown lipstick of the 90s. Granted I was too young for wearing make-up myself, there was really nothing quite like ransacking my mother’s drawer and noticing her tube of lip colour and thinking “Hey! 980 more words


Great News For 'Lizzie McGuire' Fans

No need to “figure it out on the way,” the creator of Lizzie McGuire is finally returning to the Disney Channel with an all-new series! 219 more words


"I totally wish I was Lizzie McGuire and I had best friends like Gordo and Miranda"

Everyone wants to share what they are thinking with someone; whether that be a family member, spouse/bf/gf, friend, coworker, hey, maybe even a stranger. It’s not natural for humans to be mute, to not express themselves in one way or another. 320 more words

Time Capsule Episode 10 - Lizzie McGuire


This week, Emily and special guest Elizabeth Spindler talk about the golden age of Disney Channel and everyone’s favorite clutzy middle school girl.


Lizzie McGuire's BFFs: Where Are They Now?

We were all apart of Lizzie McGuire’s squad, or so we like to believe in our heads. But where are Miranda and Gordo now? Well according to… 128 more words