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America is Ready for Hilary

BY Ophelia Oktober

WASHINGTON, D.C. – News broke out Sunday that Hilary has officially declared her intention to run for the 2016 presidential race. This marks her second run for presidency, the first being in 2008 when the actress was only 20 years old. 256 more words


#TBT: Reminiscing with Lizzie McGuire’s fashion, love and wisdom

Kaylyn Wold


Lizzie McGuire was the quintessential show of our childhood. Unfortunately, it only lasted two short seasons. It included valuable life lessons, crazy awesome fashion and super cool guest stars, like Frankie Muniz and Aaron Carter. 681 more words

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That One BFF Is Out There Somewhere

These days I’ve really been in an internal bummed mood — like yes I’m happy and school is fine and what not; but deep down there’s something wrong and I’ve always felt that. 685 more words


This Beautiful, Venerable City: Roma

The Eternal City. The Capital of the World. The City on Seven Hills. Roma. Rome.

Finally. Rome is definitely a city to see before you die. 1,356 more words


5 Inexpensive Things to Boost Your Mood

It snowed today. Snowed. It’s April 9th. It was 65 degrees last week. MAKE IT STOP!!!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m over the whole snow thing. 495 more words

Just For Fun

25 Times Gordo from Lizzie McGuire Was Actually You.

The OG sassmaster, we pretty much owe half of our sarcastic personality to David Gordon: best guy friend extraordinaire and sneaky little brown-noser with a hidden agenda. 310 more words


Beauty Comes from Within

OK, let me just say this: I love a lot of the older Disney Channel shows. Personally, I think they are better than most of the shows that are on Disney Channel today. 440 more words

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