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Rome: This is [the city that] Dreams are Made Of

Lizzie McGuire carried me through my tween years. I could relate to her awkwardness & klutziness, and honestly still can to this day. So, knowing she could not only survive but even thrive in adventure in Rome, I was sure I could as well. 1,196 more words


A little Miranda for your Monday

The name Miranda is a Latin name. In Latin the meaning of the name Miranda is: worthy of admiration; wonderful.

That is a pretty majestic description to live up to.

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I first met Hilary Duff in her pyjamas

If you did Halloween even remotely right, you will have watched Casper Meets Wendy last night. This supernatural straight-to-video Casper sequel wasn’t even critically panned; it seems to have just been critically ignored. 485 more words

Women I Love

Tivoli Gardens, Rome

I can´t believe how fast time flies!!! But well, this was a year ago!!! My mom and I traveled to Italy, and after that she helped me settle in the UK in order to start my MA. 165 more words


Adventures In Digital Series Land - Chapter 114: The Squiggle That Is Failure

Confession #1: Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) I wake up in the morning and feel like a failure. Why? Duh. Cause my career isn’t where I feel it should be. 643 more words

Web Series

This is what dream are made of

Watching one of my favorite movies of all time! I love hilary duff she is and will always be one of my idols 💙 This movie was everything to me. 18 more words