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The Alphabet Files - "L" Themed Costumes

We’re almost half way through the alphabet, which means you already have some killer costumes you can try for your next alphabet themed party. We’re hitting our stride with some pretty awesome ideas so sink your teeth into these tasty morals: 856 more words


Weekly Thought Dump: May, 2000s, and least favorite days

Hi! So, lately I’ve been thinking I want to up my blogging game a bit, especially since summer training is coming and it’d be nice to beef up my readership and network again. 915 more words


We debate whether Disney Channel classics LIZZIE MCGUIRE or EVEN STEVENS was the better show:

Hosted by Joseph Mwamba, debated by Kathleen Fletcher and Josefina Garcia.


The Lizzie McGuire Movie


Thirteen-year-old Lizzie McGuire and her pals Gordo, Kate and Ethan all pack their bags and plan to live la dolce vita while on a class trip to Italy. 282 more words

Movie Reviews


So I didn’t think I was gonna write in this blog anymore. My creativity kind of tapped out in the last five months of my service — monotony doesn’t really inspire you to write new things. 1,302 more words

Your Fave is Autistic Part 9: Gordo

I’ve been meaning to make this post for awhile.

Lizzie McGuireThat’s So Raven, and Even Stevens were my holy trinity of live action Disney Channel (or in my country, Family Channel) shows. 445 more words


I Got It From My Mama

To a lot of people sports are still seen as a great opportunity for father/son (some progressives will say father/daughter) bonding time. The quintessential picture of American “family time” is of a father and son basking in the sun at a baseball game, eating hotdogs and sipping an ice-cold lemonade (maybe I’ve watched too many movies set in the 1950’s). 508 more words