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Let’s be honest, there are so many Kardashian / Jenner women, one loses track, but Kendall is really going places and fast! Congrats to her and her many accomplishments! 47 more words


5 Advent Calendars To Make Yourself

Advent calendars make a lovely countdown to Christmas. Making your own is easy and you can customise style and surprises.  Here are 5 ideas to create your very own advent calendar at home. 108 more words

Sustainable Living

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Create this DIY Advent Calendar with compliments to By Nature! Cheers, Trèsors De Luxe { Luxe Jewelry Co. }

breathing space...

Try taking a deep breath right now, now exhale. Deep cleansing breaths are the quickest way to detox the body.

Have a great “Tresors De Luxe” day! 35 more words

L@@K What We Just Found!