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Another Llama Christmas card design

I have just added another llama Christmas card design to my Etsy page. Go have a look via the link here.

Greeting Cards

"The North Wind Doth Blow.."

One of the most difficult things for me to face each year is winter. Days grow shorter, nights colder, hillsides browner, and skies bleaker. And yet, I love autumn! 479 more words

How We Don't Fight - EC

I’ve picked up a bad habit growing up – I have perfected the silent treatment. I have perfected it so well, in fact, that sometimes when I am giving someone the silent treatment they don’t even know why I am giving them the silent treatment. 384 more words


How Far I've Come *Oct 1, 2015*

I made it through my first month of travel! Before I started all of this, two months didn’t seem like much time. Now I realize just how taxing travel can be. 543 more words

Hainault Wildlife Park

I’ve been going to Hainault Wildlife Park since I was a child. My brothers and I would go along with mum and the memories are very happy ones. 73 more words


Welcome Back

He walked out of the room.


He could’ve walked out of the room because he was tired.

Or wanted to go for a smoke. 212 more words


Llama's fighting

Went to a local winery today and they had a few Llama’s. We began feeding them some grass. After a little while two of them began fighting… I have never seen llamas fight before but what a horrible noise they make.