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Camelids in the High Andes

I spent the weekend in the high Andes in southern Peru. I took a tour, which is something I normally avoid, but there was no other way to get to the places I wanted to see, and it cost, including lodging, $35 US. 371 more words

Sand Dunes in Oregon

Fortunately, I’ve had very few “almost drove off the road” moments in my life. One time I was cruising along in Florida and a really big (as in, larger than the palm of my hand) hairy spider ran across my windshield. 399 more words


Llamas, alpacas and goats, oh my!

Saturday dawned early. Although a morning person I struggled. We’d had Back To School Night on Wednesday, and it felt as though it had been followed by two Fridays. 399 more words


Little dreams

When things get me down I like to fantasize about one day winning the lottery (I’d have to start buying a ticket!). I dream about about buying a run down farm house out in the countryside. 550 more words


Full Service Blog

I began thinking about service animals this week, mostly because I saw this furry creature sitting in a shopping cart (where normally a child would be) at the local market.  1,092 more words


Llamas, Coyotes and Deer! Oh My

September 5 – 7, 2016
Lyell Canyon Backpacking Trip
Roundtrip distance:  16.8 miles

Backpacking—I love everything about it: from being outdoors all day and observing the flora and fauna, to the star-studded sky at night and the mysterious sounds outside the tent. 705 more words


I Love It When A Drawing Comes Together

PORKYPINE: Whatcha doing, Bashful?

BASHFUL: I’m helping ES out by drawing the picture for his Tuesday art feature!

PORKYPINE: Wow!  I didn’t know rocks could draw. 460 more words