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I’ve spent years researching keeping sheep, which is good; it’s always important to go into things with your eyes open. But when I started getting serious about this and reached out to some forum members online about my plans, the feedback I got was a real wakeup call. 976 more words

Exploring a Wonder of the World

Turning 30 brings out many emotions, some old and some new. I’m still under the impression that I haven’t even figured out what I want to do when I grow up. 356 more words


¿Como se Llama?

The professor who instructed me to initiate this blog told our class that upon writing for our site, we would by default become “experts” on whatever topics we choose. 661 more words


Llamas and Alpacas

I remember an early lesson from school:

‘One L, two legs; two Ls, four legs’

In other words, a llama was the South American pack animal, and a lama was the baldy-headed guy in an orange robe, who lived in Tibet. 305 more words


Our 2008 Road Trip, Part 12: Walk with the Animals, Balk at the Animals

When my son was younger and first began tagging along on our road trips in 2003, we tried to include either one zoo or one amusement park on each itinerary as a concession for his sake. 1,178 more words