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2017-07-05 Llanymynech, Nomad Wall, Red Wall

Arriving with sun on all walls, we warm up on the shitty lower section of Nomad Wall – at least giving shade to the belayer.  We only have to wait about an hour for… 97 more words


2016-10-04 Llanymynech, Grid Iron

Bah Bah Black Sheep, 6b+ and Gaza Stripper, 6b serve as warmers before I try to get past the damn overlap on Pew, 7a+.  A work in progress….

6b+   6b   7a+   7a+


2016-09-07 Llanymynech, Red Wall

As the newest member of our 7a+ onsight/flash club remarked yesterday, “ doesn’t look very inspiring…”, And I’ve got to hand it to him.  It has the look of a very quarried, very man-made looking wall, with lots of unnatural angles, and plenty of dust & grime.  And the potential for taking a fall, and landing onto a nasty out-jutting bit of rock doesn’t really inspire confidence.  I do however plan to have a look at all the climbs on the aptly named… 178 more words


2016-08-29 Wales, Llanymynech, Red Wall

Red Wall, the dark, dusty very ‘quarried’ looking wall below the golf club is full of lines on the still-to-do list.  It also has a few of the… 103 more words