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The Llewellyn Tarot: A Classic, Versatile RWS Deck

I’m always looking for RWS-based tarot decks that I can recommend for beginners who aren’t visually ready for the original RWS, and I’ve found one: the… 2,727 more words


Golden Tarot of Klimt: Deck Review

One year in high school I had a spiral bound day planner I bought at a museum gift shop that featured Klimt’s artwork. I carried Klimt around with me everywhere that year and afterward, cut out the full-color prints that appeared in the day planner, framed and placed them around my room. 1,986 more words


Deck Review: Black Cats Tarot

Yes, here comes another cat tarot deck. Who can’t get enough of cats on tarot decks? (Although, I’ve always fancied the idea there should be a “pug tarot” deck.) This deck, Black Cats Tarot, was the first deck that I had purchased for myself in a really long time. 688 more words


Review: Tarot of the Hidden Realm

“All that is life, all that is felt in the heart, all that touches the human soul, whether joyous or tragic, beautiful or horrific, whether sweet or poignant … this is his realm, this is what he – his heart, soul, body, and mind – is dedicated to” 1,560 more words


The Witches Tarot: Deck Interview (and Review)

I totally swiped this deck interview idea from Kate at Daily Tarot Girl. Read her blog post about it here. I was gifted the… 1,677 more words


January 2015 and the year ahead


The reading for January and also for the year ahead if from the Llewellyn Deck. I have decided to post about 2 cards this time one for the month of Jan and one for the year as a whole and I see we have a lovely energy for 2015 and make a great start in January with a successful breakthrough. 1,215 more words