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Slashing Through The Stone Age: A Chat With The Director of The B.C. Butcher, Kansas Bowling

Lily and I made the Troma panel at this year’s Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con a priority as Lloyd Kaufman and his family of wildly creative misfits never disappoint an audience. 933 more words


The Toxic Avenger

Dir: Michael Herz, Samuel Weil (Lloyd Kaufman), 1984


Arguably Troma’s most famous film, it’s got to be its most successful, launching several sequels, a children’s cartoon (seriously!), a computer game and a musical. 348 more words

Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four Comes to DVD & VOD

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The filmmakers and performers involved in Roger Corman’s ill-fated Fantastic Four can laugh now, but back when it was being made, movie-making was serious business. 388 more words


Vegas in Space (1991)

Vegas in Space is an early 90s sci-fi cheapie distributed by Troma in which all characters are played by either drag queens or women. It took almost a decade to complete, was partially fueled by sex work & meth, and was filmed entirely in its star performer’s San Francisco apartment. 1,349 more words


Field & Mullinger's Underground Nights: Aroma du Troma

Emerging from a flaming toxic waste drum ready to avenge the podcasting world, potty-mouthed Paul Field and feminist comedian James Mullinger are back – and they’re bigger, better and uglier than ever! 213 more words


Revenge is a Dish Best Served Fried

love Troma. No, it’s not perfect; and, yes, there are a lot of bad movies associated with them. But when they’re good…damn, are they great! 167 more words


David F. Sandberg, Don Mancini and 20 Other Horror Icons Tell Us What Horror Movies Scare Them!

As horror fans we feed on brilliant cinema, and that often leaves us looking up to certain filmmakers, actors and writers. When you look up to someone you admire, it becomes an impossibility to avoid wondering what makes these guys tick. 772 more words

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