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#Lloyds Bank - Warning!

Aaaaaagh, could be one way to put it, #@%$#^$! #%@^*&^% Lloyds Bank could be another. And I had been a near lifelong customer.

Not one for being diligent with money, or partners, in the past, I, like so many others with… 690 more words


Horses in Advertising.

England is  a horse loving  nation so it makes sense that  horses are used to attract consumers to products.  I’m not seeing any live horses this week but I have noticed plenty of other horses: horse statues, horses in art, and horses in advertisements. 144 more words


New range of finance options for the venison industry from Lloyds

Good morning all! I was having a spin through Linkedin this morning and noticed an article by Lloyds about new finance options for the venison industry which sounded very interesting, so I thought I would share! 532 more words


Top 4 Ads with Horses

Why do brands use horses in their advertising?

In the words of Ronald Duncan –

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride, 355 more words


Lloyd's Bank, Law Courts Branch

As the name suggests this particular branch of Lloyd’s Bank is on Fleet Street, opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. It caught my eye as I was taking photos of the courts because of the sumptuously designed entrance way, so I took a detour to explore the building further. 256 more words

Photo Post

A tale of three AGMs

by Cliff Weight

Last week I went to 3 AGMs. Aviva on Wednesday, 10 May in London and then Lloyds in the morning of the 11th and RBS in the afternoon, both in Edinburgh. 1,410 more words

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CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONS led me off in different directions. Britain’s Cadbury chocolates ending up in Poland is the principal theme of James Meek’s “Somerdale to Skarbimierz,” in the April 20, 2017, issue of… 866 more words

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