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I am truly blessed by the warm reception that I’ve received on WordPress, Facebook and my blog in general. Early on I had commented that if you try to be a high quality individual that you will draw high quality individuals to yourself. 83 more words

Lloyds Lens Photography

Thistle In Black and White

This is one of favorite photos. It’s simply a common field thistle growing by a roadside.

When I converted it to black and white the texture just popped for me. 48 more words

Lloyds Lens Photography


Like most photographers I own multiple cameras. I normally have my minimalist kit everywhere I go. Most of the images that I share on my blog are taken with my phone. 141 more words

Lloyds Lens Photography

Simplicity and Silence

Sometimes I just like to look at clouds and let my mind wander. The weather has cooperated lately and provided just the right cloud/blue sky mix for infrared black and white photos to bring out the contrast. 18 more words

Lloyds Lens Photography


I have taken a lot of pictures from this spot in Glen Ferris West Virginia. It’s not really an island but the Kanawha River makes it look like one. 183 more words

Lloyds Lens Photography

Oh Deer! Where Did You Come From?!

Living close to nature means interesting neighbors. They are generally good natured and tend to keep to themselves. Oh sure there’s the occasional dispute over who owns the garden but for the most part they don’t bother anyone. 111 more words

Lloyds Lens Photography

The Flow

I wonder what you’ve seen on your journey from the top of the mountain.

You seem to pass through the mountains from a source unknown. 97 more words

Lloyds Lens Photography