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Stillwater – January 2017: ASH Highlights

American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2016:
Bev Culy and Barb Davis’s Notes

• Smoldering myeloma treatment is still a bit of a mystery as experts don’t want to “overtreat” if the disease is not progressing nor do they want to “undertreat” if the disease is aggressive and quickly evolving into multiple myeloma.   531 more words


TwinCities - December 2016: "Alumni" Meeting

December 2016 Our Annual Alumni Reunion Meeting

This years version was a “doozy” as we double dipped on Pat’s 20 years of survivorship AND her retirement from active leadership of the support group that she and Helen Burg started 20 yrs ago. 166 more words


9th and 10th day of 2017

Marketing the good word of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

After sitting at the kitchen table for more hours than I wanted, I got a message from Batman/The Dark Knight. 1,501 more words

My favorite charities Part Four

This one is particulaly near and dear to my heart.  You’re lucky this is via computer and not paper or there’d be an embarassing number of tear stains. 189 more words

Best Charities

No more chemo!

It’s the Sunday after my LAST CHEMO and I’m feeling…icky. Yeah, pretty much what I expected. But it’s the last time I’m gonna feel icky, so that’s awesome. 59 more words


Comic Con and Life

It’s Sunday night. I’m sitting at my computer watching my shows on the internet and thinking about the weekend. (Warning: It’s super happy excited at first then gets deep.) 2,098 more words


Run, Walk & Not Grow Weary

Six months ago today I was packing my bag getting ready for my roadtrip to Disneyland to run in the Pixie Dust Challenge with my good friends Sara.   591 more words