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The Arctic Race

– Michael Roh

The Arctic region bears strategic importance both as home to new transport routes and new exploration and production area. There are unending debates about the ecological dimension of these developments; however, what caught my eye in the recent news is that some countries are more proactive than another in their activities in the Arctic, and this is not often about availability of funds but a strategic choice. 553 more words


The Week in Review (September 14 – 21)

The Monitoring Team: Lina Nagell, Henrik Vorloeper


Gazprom on Top of the News in European Gas Markets

Gazprom’s European export estimate (including Turkey) has increased to 158 bcm, compared to earlier predictions of 152-155 bcm made for this year. 1,282 more words


Shipping LNG in the Arctic

We have some indication, we will soon see LNG being shipped in the Arctic. gCaptain reports an apparent intention of a Chinese/Greek consortium to build five ice capable LNG tankers for the transport of Russian LNG via the Arctic. 107 more words


Australia’s Bread and Circuses

From Daily Reckoning, by Greg Canavan

MELBOURNE — If you didn’t already know, today is a public holiday in Victoria.

The reason? Ummm…the AFL Grand Final is tomorrow. 576 more words


First Nation on Vancouver Island expects large cash offer for LNG

VICTORIA – A Vancouver Island First Nation exploring the potential of locating a liquefied natural gas export plant on its treaty lands expects a lucrative future financial offer to be part of the negotiations. 526 more words


Frequently Asked Questions About the Jordan-Cove LNG Project:

From http://www.nolngexports.org/new-page/

What is the Jordan Cove LNG Project?

The Jordan Cove project is a proposal to transport fracked gas from the Rockies and Canada across southern Oregon to Coos Bay where it will be turned into liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the Jordan Cove terminal, put on large tankers and sent overseas. 1,171 more words


Lawrence Solomon: The natives’ tools

(October 2, 2015) Environmentalists serve native interests well, by extracting maximum profits out of resource developments. 864 more words

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