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Film Review: Five Fingers of Death (1972)

Also known as: King Boxer, Tiān xià dì yī quán, lit. Number One Fist in the World (Hong Kong)
Release Date: April 28th, 1972 (Hong Kong) 402 more words


February Fisticuffs: Clan of the White Lotus (1980)

It’s February and everything sucks right now, so it’s time to unwind with February Fisticuffs – a punchy look at some of the best, worst and most average boxing, kung fu and martial arts movies. 553 more words


The Idiot Swordsman (1979)

Also called Drunken Swordsman, Drunken Dragon Strikes Back, and Idle Swordsman.

A case of mistaken identity and an old debt to settle leads to fun movie to watch even if it is predictable.   222 more words

Martial Arts

Executioners from Shaolin (1977)

A crotch-grabbing smorgasbord of kung fu action, Executioners from Shaolin is directed by Lau Kar-leung from a screenplay by Kuang Ni. This 1977 picture is typical Shaw Brothers fare, with some multi-generational storytelling giving the rudimentary revenge tale some surprising layers. 548 more words


Human Lanterns (1982): Not your average Kung Fu- serial killer

directed by Chun Sung

A few months ago I published an article about serial killer movies from Asia. For some reason, I forgot to mention this gem from Hong Kong and I am about to correct this unforgivable omission with a review. 857 more words

The Kung Fu Master (1994)

The Kung Fu Master is another of Tai Seng Entertainments attempts to introduce Martial Arts television series to the west.  Just like with The Master Swordsman… 434 more words