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Part V; I'm being Groomed... 

If I think back to that time and ask myself to be honest then I’d say I realised ‘R’ was a bit of a shit from the moment I met him (understatement of the century),even before what he did to me in that flat. 2,068 more words


Repertoire; Part IV

After a couple of weeks in flat 16 Id assumed the role of maid/receptionist and without realising, pimp, I had mastered my repertoire. In the beginningI manned the phones until I went home (usually 7pm) and it seemed I was a natural on them. 1,593 more words


Part III ; The girls

‘We were like the girls from ‘Annie’; a slew of misfits, orphans and outcasts, with nowhere else to go, waiting for someone to save us. ‘R’, well he was too like a character from the beloved musical, he was like some fucked up ‘Miss Hannigan’ – Lauryn, 2017. 2,403 more words


Part II; Belle lied....

Part II

I’m not ashamed to admit that I (along with most of the female population) watched ‘Belle Du Jour: Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ with the amazingly talented Billie Piper playing the title character. 2,103 more words


Hell is temporary

Part I; Introduction to my crazy life

I’ve packed a lot into the last 6 years; I’ve been married, divorced, I’ve worked in a brothel, gotten gravely ill, I’ve had an abortion, a boob job, botox and a breakdown. 1,647 more words


Lo End Theory: The Secret History of the Lo-Life Crew

New York was a different place in the ’80s. Times Square—a.k.a. “Forty Deuce”—was littered with pushers, pimps, hoes, peep shows, syringes, and crack vials, a far cry from the advertising Disneyland it is today. 109 more words