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Bring Back the Punk to x-Punk

You know what I exclusively love–and need–in Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Stonepunk, Biopunk and all the rest?

–> P  U  N  K <–

The Gutter

The Dirt… 89 more words


Tumblr might be rife with anachronistic blends of 1990s and 1980s thrift store and eBay overspend styling, but there’s a few little spots where you can see some shots of those who were there with all the gear and some serious shoplifting skills. 136 more words


VIDEO: @ThirstinHowl3rd - "Word To My L's"

“Word to My L’s” is off Thirstin Howl the 3rd’s album, Survival of the Skillest. This music video is a tribute in the making, as it was shot at a prior Annual Lo-Life BBQ and it comes right in time for this year’s 10th annual Lo-Life BBQ happening Saturday, June 27th at Highland Park in Brooklyn. 14 more words

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