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The Julie Ruin-Hit Reset_First Impressions

Headed by former Bikini Kill lead singer Kathleen Hanna, The Julie Ruin is a part of the Riot Grrrl punk scene that began in the early 1990s, saw a slight decline in the last decade, and slowly regained traction in the current decade with albums by Perfect Pussy, Sleater Kinney, and T-Rexstasy garnering a great deal of attention.   489 more words

First Impressions


It’s time. We haven’t been purposely keeping a secret, instead searching for the best way to share. Or maybe something creative. Or cute. Or crafty. Until I remembered I’m not so creative with these things. 439 more words


Mahe Ramadhan- Day 27

Todays word is Jannah… meaning heaven!

WOW! how to explain that to a 3 year old? very tricky, although the verse that was related to this work in the Holy Qur’an talked about being good and believing so it was a little bit easier to talk about how he can be good. 46 more words

Mahe Ramadhan- Day 26

Todays word is jibaal.. meaning mountain

This was a tricky word as my LO has never seen mountains in real life. We looked up some pictures online but it was still a very abstract concept. 32 more words

Mahe Ramadhan- Day 25

Todays word is reeh… meaning wind

This was an interesting word as we have gone out for walks frequently over the past month and have encountered some pretty windy days. 23 more words

Mahe Ramadhan- Day 18

Todays word is Fil.. it means elephant!

We talked about what we know about elephants… and made a very adult directed craft of a handprint elephant! 9 more words

Mahe Ramadhan- Day 16

Todays word was Masjid… Mosque

This is a place we visit often so we had lots of schema to make connections :) in the Quran the verse spoke about the masjid being a place where we worship Allah. 14 more words