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Where you are looking for approval, acceptance, acknowledgement from others is where you can give love, approval, and acceptance to yourself. Recognize your radiance. Recognize your strength. Recognize and embrace your light.


Self love <3

Self-loveĀ is a journey,

I was brought up believing I had to find love in someone else, and it doesn’t help that I grew up watching romantic comedies and Disney movies. 237 more words


When My Life Feels Watered-Down

When my life feels watered down is it usually because I have been too busy dodging life rather than corralling the power I need to master it. 78 more words


You Can Manifest Anything

Creative visualization is a lot of fun & full of power. I used to use this,but fell away. I lost a lot from the many years I’ve been sick & in pain. 57 more words

Never let anything or anyone make you believe that you are anything less than magnificent, beautiful, miraculous. Whoever can be present to your light will show up only when you can be present to it yourself.


Chair - LOA Success Story.

A small yet powerful manifestation story.

The chairs at my office are numbered so that if one finds a chair that suits his/her comfort, one can recognize and use the chair. 476 more words


The Right...

The other night I was at a family dinner where the announcement of my little brother’s engagement came into the dinner conversation. Since I am the oldest and two of my younger cousins and my younger brother are either married or on their way to being married. 148 more words

Law Of Attraction