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Just Cause 3 (Xbox One) is not playable

Last week I wrote about how against better judgement, I ended up purchasing Just Cause 3 on the Xbox One. It didn’t take long to discover that my instincts were right, and I should have delayed the purchases until the game had received a patch or two. 547 more words

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Google launches Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, its plan to speed up the mobile web

With the debate over ads and the speed of the mobile web growing every day, many web companies like Apple and Facebook have pushed for publishers to hand over their content in the name of a better experience for users. 315 more words


Remember When Games Could Be Played Immediately?

I acquired Mortal Kombat X today, I won’t be home from work until close to midnight tonight, but I’m still planning to play it for a couple of hours. 331 more words


Xenoblade Chronicles X Allows You To Install Files To Improve Disc Load Times

Field/Basic Data Pack (Large effect) : 2GB Enemy Data Pack (mid): 2.7GB Player Data Pack (mid): 3.6GB Doll Data Pack (mid): 1.7GB

— StreetsAhead (@Sab_Mas) April 10, 2015…

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'Bloodborne' Load Times to be Improved in Upcoming Patch

One of the few complaints regarding Bloodborne from critics so far has been the long load times, but From Software and Sony are aware of the issue and are aiming to improve them and many other issues in an upcoming patch. 118 more words


'Kick & Fennick' Review

Platforms PlayStation Vita

   Developer/Publisher Jaywalkers Interactive

Genre Platformer

The PlayStation Vita has become loaded with an abundance of independent games over the past twelve months, with most AAA gaming support seemingly vanished. 1,231 more words


Mass Effect 2 - Changes

The first Mass Effect was divisive to say the least. While many agreed the core dialogue/decision making system was sound, and the story amazing, the gameplay had gamers divided. 539 more words

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