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This year I'm thankful for the shit-wiches I'll be consuming all week made from the leftovers of today's fine and Fancy Feast.

My two grandmas always used Thanksgiving, funerals, and graduations as opportunities to whip out their five gallon serving tanks and concoct their showiest aspics to proudly flank the colorless yet edible Midwestern buffet spreads featuring the inevitable ham, German potato salad, hard rolls, and pickle-olive plates. 546 more words

Vintage Food

Autumn Spice Madeira Loaf

Autumn is the season of spice, especially in the baking world. As the nights draw in spices add warmth to cold evenings, and bakes take on a very comforting role (for me at least!). 242 more words

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

I fell in love with the flavor of pumpkin a few years ago (here are just a few of the goodies I like to make with the flavorsome squash). 172 more words


Pear and ginger crumble loaf

So heres something a little different a pear and ginger crumble. Really delicious and best served warm. Will keep up to 3 days in an airtight container. 170 more words


Spiced Squash Loaf

Is it a bread, is it a cake?

This begins with some squash.

– Squash

– 2 Carrots

– Agave Syrup

– Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger… 170 more words


Recipe Friday: Coconut Bread Loaf

Happy Friday, bliss babes! Today we whipped up a yummy recipe for you to try one day when you’re in the baking mood. It’s super yummy and, it goes great with just about any spread! 228 more words


Chamomile and goji brioche

Anyone for tea and toast? How about tea in your toast? This beautiful brioche is flavoured with chamomile tea and goji berries. Following the brioche recipe in my bread maker’s manual (I like baking but I’ll let a machine do the work on the bread front), I added the content of two chamomile teabags and a handful of pre-soaked goji berries in to the tin and then pressed go! 53 more words