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Troughs and porkers - 2

Disgraced MPs who cheated on their expenses, a multimillionaire Tory donor, a group of back-room political fixers and an alcohol industry lobbyist have been ennobled by David Cameron, sparking renewed calls for root-and-branch reform of the House of Lords. 414 more words

Democracy And Public Speaking

Iran deal praised for stabilizing Mideast

The latest letter on the nuclear deal focuses on potential benefits to the volatile region.

from POLITICO – Congress http://ift.tt/1JxAMw6

John Chwat

Ex-Minister now has six jobs, two of which started before he left office

But it’s OK – he didn’t declare them because he got paid for them after he left office:

“Mr Simmonds, who earned £89,435 a year as a minister and MP, “met with Invest Africa once while in ministerial office, in order to understand their work”, Acoba disclosed. 107 more words


The Flaws of Democracy

The democratic system of government is theoretically sound, but like most things man-made, it has its flaws. There are three particular faults that accompany democracy leading to the emergence of what could be termed  579 more words


Bennet knocks Hillary on Keystone pipeline punt

“I think she should take a position,” Bennet says.

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John Chwat

Obama TV interviews target Dems undecided on Iran

Twenty-nine Democratic senators are currently on record in favor of the Iran pact.

from POLITICO – Congress http://ift.tt/1i2M1a4

John Chwat