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Google Spends More on Lobbying in 3Q, But is Outspent By AT&T

Google spent more in its third quarter lobbying, but fell into second place for spending behind AT&T. Gee, AT&T spent over $4 million in lobbying in the third quarter and now wants to acquire Time Warner. 37 more words

Around The Search & Social Media World

The banana republic of big data

“The money is in the noise,” said a former poorly paid congressional staffer, now successful social media guru, when I asked why she left. A noisemaker herself, she warned, “It’s going to get louder and deeper.” 1,415 more words


Lobbying for lobbyists

Lobbying for Lobbyists

By Shardul G., phoenix, AZ

Even though we may not understand the details, most people are familiar with how a bill becomes a law. 669 more words

Places And Forms Of Power

Advocacy Stampedes in D.C.

As a metastatic breast cancer patient and advocate, I try to use my voice in many ways to bring awareness to the fact that metastatic disease is woefully underfunded. 706 more words

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Government and Politics: Lend me your ear

Explain lobbying and how it fits into government and politics when practicing public relations. 11 more words

Public Relations

We want diversity on boards. So why shouldn’t Facebook value Peter Thiel's political views?

By now, the value of having a diverse board is well-established.

When women and members of minority groups are on boards, they bring different perspectives and add insights that might be overlooked by a homogenous group. 430 more words

Leaked: Coca-Cola’s Worldwide Political Strategy to Kill Soda Taxes

Internal emails recently leaked to “DCLeaks” give the public new insight into Coca-Cola’s coordinated strategy to defeat public health policies at the local, state, national, and international levels. 3,379 more words