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With H-1B under threat, Alphabet is the only big tech company to ramp up immigration lobbying

The tech industry was quick to voice its opposition to US president Donald Trump’s first executive order on immigration in January, which banned travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations from entering the country. 818 more words

Community Solutions Podcast- The League

In this episode, Jason and Andrew discuss the Minnesota League of Cities. Who are they? How much power do they hold over our cities? How connected and well-funded are they? 20 more words

Koch-backed Texas group begins lobbying in Wisconsin

A rightwing group called the Texas Public Policy Foundation started lobbying in Wisconsin for the first time last month. So far this session, the group, which has ties to Charles and David Koch, has taken positions on about a dozen crime and occupational-licensing bills.  >  Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

How to run a successful Public Affairs Campaign

In our youth most of us want to believe we will change the world. As we get older some say we are less ambitious. Others argue it is just that we grasp a reality that the world is changed little by little rather than in one fell swoop. 904 more words

Unearned Prosperity for Washington's Ruling Class

Every so often, I share an image that is unambiguously depressing. Usually because it suggest that freedom is slowly eroding.

Big Government

Topics in Nonprofit Management: Strategic Communication

Communication is the crux of all interaction. Improper or inept communication in media relations, government networking or ethics, for example, would be disastrous. Communication is the baseline equalizer in all things leadership must engage in to advance the nonprofit forward in the ever changing landscape. 42 more words


No Door to the Mansion

Our politicians are corporate lapdogs for the same reason so many Americans think technology and better products means real progress. Neither plenty of Americans nor our politicians are willing to consider a future without depending on corporations. 490 more words