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Trump Web Site Poll Asking Americans What They Think

Let’s tell him exactly what we think. Also, a dispiriting day at the Roundhouse yesterday  (legal pot is dead; Pay Day Lending caps also dead, unless you think 175% is a cap). 771 more words


The awesome power of lobbyists

In my state and local government class here at University of New Haven, we watched a documentary, “The Best Money Government Can Buy?”

The documentary explores lobbying, how it works, where the power comes from, who provides the money, and what effects that has. 143 more words

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More Siphoning of State Funds......

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In our last post, we discussed Representative Greg Hertz’s bill HB375, proposing to fund TRIBALLY CONTROLLED SCHOOLS, which as we noted, is not a state responsibility or obligation. 625 more words


Lobbying Update: A fortnight in the life…

They say a week is a long time in politics so the fortnight since our last lobbying update must seem like an eternity to some.  For us however, it often seems there aren’t enough hours in the day as the Government continues to implement numerous policies which affect landlords  at breakneck speed with, in some cases, a worrying lack of co-ordination. 1,172 more words

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Lobbyists Helped Bankroll President Trump's Transition

Even as Donald Trump was kicking lobbyists off his presidential transition team, he was quietly cashing checks from them.

At least a dozen registered lobbyists donated money to… 1,008 more words

Trump, Big Government, the Export-Import Bank, and the Washington Swamp

I’ve written many times that Washington is both a corrupt city and a corrupting city. My point is that decent people go into government and all too often… 1,458 more words

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Chan Zuckerberg Policy Chief Fined $90,000 for Illegal Lobbying Work While at Uber

Chicago’s ethics board voted unanimously to fine Uber Technologies’s former strategist, David Plouffe, $90,000 for illegally lobbying in the city.

The ethics board said that Plouffe, who helped Uber combat onerous regulations and opposition from the taxi industry, violated the Governmental Ethics Ordinance by lobbying city officials and failing to register as a lobbyist. 146 more words