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The Nasty World of Lobbying

By Zachary Blevins

Lobbying is a dirty word; it’s a profession made up of unethical, immoral, greedy, manipulative, power-hungry people that only works for their own interests and not on behalf of the common good. 555 more words

Draining the Swamp

By Logan Kentner

One of Donald Trump’s key phrases that he coined during his campaign was “drain the swamp.”  Although there are several different parts, one of the main issues in the so- called swamp is the lobby.  246 more words

What We Friends Can Do: Part 2

Across the country, nonprofit sector leaders from many different areas (conservation. child welfare, health care, arts, education, etc.) are working overtime to make sure that all nonprofit board members everywhere understand that advocacy is an important strategy for achieving their mission. 772 more words


A timely new read: "Selling Apartheid - South Africa's Global Propaganda War"

I ordered this book through the University of Chicago at the African Studies Association meeting in Washington last month– newly published in the U.K. and released in 2015 in South Africa:

280 more words

Dirty lobbying

We do it the other way around in East Devon – we gave a senior officer to a lobbying group viz former EDDC Economic Development Officer Nigel Harrison who was offered up as Secretary to the East Devon Business Forum (a group of local developers under the Chairmanship of disgraced ex-Tory councillor Graham Brown) AND EDDC paid all its expenses! 238 more words



What happens when transgression from a big and biased backstage arena is institutionalised, is that power shifts: from the public good to corporate interests.

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Silicon Valley warms up to Trump

During the election campaign, nearly all of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech executives backed Hillary Clinton. But following Donald Trump’s victory in November and a meeting last month… 803 more words