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Dick and Loretta Durbin - Feeding at the trough of the American Taxpayers

Don’t you love these sanctimonious tweeps who feed at the trough? The new thing is you just have your wife scurry about Congress and other governmental agencies in the role as a “lobbyist” and guess what happens? 169 more words


How Much Money do Insurance Companies Spend so the Laws Keep Them Rich (and Make Them Richer)?

Large corporations hire full time employees to go to Washington D.C. and attend every political event/hearing/meeting they can, with the hopes to influence the politicians who are writing our laws and regulations (in their favor, of course). 657 more words


To recess or not to recess; to call or not to call

WASHINGTON, D.C. — August is typically a time when Congress adjourns for the month and lawmakers return to their constituencies — or in other words, go home. 725 more words

Wild Horses

Unfortunately, much of this is true

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*News flash: Mystery hardware order

Earlier this year market analysts commented on a worldwide surge in shares of companies manufacturing physical ‘security’ equipment  (such as ‘smart’ razor wire able to  automatically launch preemptive strikes when approached, anywhere along its length, while summoning drones from headquarters).  1,948 more words

Lobbying: When Do I Go Political?

When should you make your business or community issue political?  “Never” is the answer from which you should start.

Time and again we’ve seen business and community groups, frustrated with a response from Government, take their issue to the Opposition or crossbench Members of Parliament, and ask them to pursue it.   326 more words

Government Decision-making

'vicious lobbying and unscrupulous wire pulling'

Some lovely writing in this 1939 account of the challenges of late colonial planning enforcement:

  Building cases receive greater and more constant attention than almost any others as the Building Sub-Committee meets every week and the Building portion of the agenda of Ordinary Meetings is seldom postponed and sometimes even an Ordinary Meeting is specially held for the disposal of building cases alone.   715 more words


​Soapboxes aren’t just for politicians, they are also for “constituents.” Positive speaking is always prefered to negativity. Politicians have learned to turn speech around into a positive statement even when they are giving you bad news. 523 more words