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The Food Edition: Smack Lobster Roll Deli, London

Lunch dates are totally my thing and i’m all for an extravagant lunch too. Ever since i took a visit to Loche Fyne, which you can read back on… 283 more words


Crawfish Bisque

About this time last year, I posted a Blue Crab and Chipotle Tabasco Bisque that quickly because one of my most-cooked soups (and this is coming from a guy who cooks a lot of soup). 513 more words


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Crawfish, Crayfish, Lobster or whatever you call it where you are is divine, don't you think? Once you get past those claws! I've already talked about my love of Boston's Quincy Market where I first tasted Lobster Bisque. Sitting in a crowded market stall slurping it out of a sourdough bowl (yes, in my wheat eating days!). This recipe from Russ, The Domestic Man, has included rice as a thickener for this soup. There are number of things to use to thicken if you are not into the rice. I initially suggested cauliflower rice - but it may not thicken it as well.  Or you could go floury and use tapioca flour or coconut flour roux - mix the flour with some of the stock then add.  Russ says to just cook it for 20 minutes if you do that. Enjoy cooking it up and if you like his recipes make sure you get his new cookbook, Paleo Takeout.  I'm waiting for mine to come from Amazon!

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams - review of Level 4’s winter menu at the five star 54 on Bath Hotel.

In the late 80s and early 90s Robin Leech signed off his TV Show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, with his catchphrase “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”. 539 more words


Like a Lobster

I don’t know who doesn’t love summer. Boating out on the lake, tubing down a river, and swimming in a quarry are basically the prerequisites to living in Wisconsin. 908 more words


Lotus Courtyard 荷曄庭

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Lotus Courtyard 荷曄庭

The Lotus Courtyard located in Tai Po’s Lam Tsuen has been one of my most treasured childhood memories.   1,131 more words

Feature Article

Chicken and Butter Beans in Lobster Bisque

What’s going on? It feels like winter again! The sun had come out, the short sleeves were on and the mood was  lifted nd then bang, the sun is gone and the cold is back in my bones. 730 more words

Budget Meals

Lobster Bisque

Only in recent years have I come to appreciate the sublime joys of seafood. Being born in the middle of land, far away from sea, it is very difficult to have fresh seafood. 334 more words


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My first taste of Lobster Bisque was at Quincy's Market in Boston. A little seafood chowder stall that served it up in a sourdough bread bowl. What was notables about this experience was that it was my first visit to Boston, all the way from Auckland New Zealand. From the first mouthful I fell in love with the creamy, slightly spicy taste. So big thanks to Cooking without Limits!