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Nova Scotia - Halifax & Louisbourg

In my last blog, I promised to tell you a bit more about the Fortress of Louisbourg and our time in Halifax. I apologize for the delay – we came home and life as usual is busy. 820 more words

Cape Breton

The Naked Finn - Singapore

Took a little trip Gillman Barracks for a lovely lunch at The Naked Finn. Known for its fresh sustainable seafood, I had heard a lot about the place – and I was hoping to be suitably impressed. 235 more words


Seafood 'thermidor' Pasta

I was tagged in a post this morning on facebook for mac and cheese loaded with seafood. From the description and picture, for my palate, I felt the thick cheese sauce would overpower the delicate taste of the fish. 199 more words

[FHCx293] National Seafood Bisque Day

Greetings from California!


And we are actually by a body of water this time!

We are on a short fall vacation to Southern California, and our first stop from the airport was to get into some bisque. 59 more words


PHOTOS: 14 Pound Lobster Caught After Hurricane Nicole!

The massive lobster was hauled in off the coast of Bermuda on Saturday by fishermen, and weighed a staggering 14 pounds. Thankfully, the lobster was released after a quick photo shoot! 12 more words


Monster Lobster Caught Off Bermuda

The Sanctuary Marine Bermuda accidentally caught this 14 YES 14 POUND Lobster thanks to Hurricane Nicole. That’s more than my doggies, Stella and Luna weigh. :) Can you imagine how much butter you would need to throw this bad boy down? 27 more words