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Because local is a lot of work. Finding target customers on a national scale means you can zero in on a demographic. But finding target customers with a regional restriction means you’re crossing demographic with location, and targeting needs to be on point. 6 more words

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Local advertising patterns can some of the time prompt to unexpected places. Today, for instance, we can see an intriguing “evolution” that has gotten us from the boundless spans of promoting our businesses all around by means of the web… to today’s most up to date and most sultry pattern that takes us back to our own lawn. 190 more words

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Take Your Old Advertising Ways To Slaughter

Still advertising the old way?

You’ve advertised for years and years, maybe decades… and you’re still not happy with your advertising and marketing results.  Then, the “new guy” (in the form of online advertising), steps onto the playing field, and you’re like, … 630 more words


Why Rx-Prescription Bag Advertising Works

Rx Express Media

Why do our local pharmacy bags continue to be so successful?
Why are they one of the best advertising mediums available?

In today’s busy marketplace, we get bombarded with so much information on a daily basis that we can’t possibly take it all in. 594 more words

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Wizhunt Locals to get Revolutionary Local Advertising, Bargains and Discounts. Wizhunt Locals is actually a unique website for those searching for specials, bargains, discount coupons and local marketing. 543 more words

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It’s 8:02pm and my wife and I just put our kids to bed. Now I’m trying to figure out how to announce the new website that we’re launching at eNeighbors. 341 more words