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Windows 10; backup before… restore later… or just backup before you f*** up.

Friday 31 of July 2015, very slow day, no support calls well maybe some. About noon I was so bored that I decided to install… 423 more words


Personal Data Security: Backups

Today’s blog post is an excerpt from my book Understanding Personal Data Security. It’s straightforward and a very quick read. It covers four areas of personal data security: Centralized data, backups, passwords, and viruses/malware. 885 more words


Can't Post To Facebook? What If You Couldn't See Anything Either?

Some people will have sat down at their computers, or unlocked their smartphones today, only to find that they can’t post to Facebook. The bug also meant that some users were unable to post comments, send messages, post photos or even Like content from over users or pages. 296 more words


Importance of Online Backup compared to Local Backup

Any organization’s success is always linked to data and its privacy, key factor for success of an organization is to backing up mission critical data. Even in the current era so many companies prefer local backup instead of online backup just because to save money and to manager IT cost within budget limits. 259 more words

External Hard Disks

Why You Should Always Combine Local Backups with Online Backups

Years ago, the technology of online backup was non-existent, and so business owners backed up their data to a floppy drive or a CD/DVD disc.  In fact, because a record of years of transactions was so valuable, it was customary to back up all files several times over.  352 more words

Cloud Backup

Keeping an Automated Local Backup

If I would receive 1 penny for all the times I’ve heard a user talking about his need to have a local tangible copy of their data that they could hold in their hands (similar to tapes). 385 more words

Backup Legal Requirements

Local Backup of Gmail using Getmail

Install Getmail :
Download Getmail, open terminal and type

tar xzvf getmail*.tar.gz
sudo python setup.py install

Configure Getmail :
Create a file at ~/.getmail/getmailrc and put the following text in it… 42 more words