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Sailing into São Tomé and Principe

Nov. 9, 2016:

After spending most of the night awake last night waiting for election returns, and then getting sick when they came in, I was much in need of something to get my mind off the election. 662 more words

Travel Generally

Meeting the Royalty of Togo

Nov. 7, 2016:

Wow! Today was kind of a unique day in that we got to meet a king! Follow along as we explain.

We came into port this morning as usual right about sunrise. 764 more words

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Up a Tree (or Several Trees) in Ghana

November 6, 2016:

We landed in the port of Takoradi, Ghana this morning. As the busses left the very modern port, we could see an immediate difference in the flora of Ghana.   696 more words

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Getting Schooled in The Gambia

Nov. 2, 2016:

Today, the Navigator docked in the incredibly hot and steamy port of Banjul, The Gambia. That’s right, they call it THE Gambia. It’s a very small country located entirely within the boundaries of Senegal along both sides of the Gambia River, which is huge. 735 more words

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Strictly: Sand (in my eye!)

When you’re me a new month can only mean one thing: it’s time for another holiday! September was a new month, and so I jetted off to Dubai, to see Barry and my mum and also to see what Dubai is all about. 1,578 more words

Chicken Stew, Korean-style

Chicken Dinner near Seoul National University

On one of our last evenings in Seoul, Inhyuk, Rod’s post-doc, took Rod and I out for dinner at a casual local restaurant near SNU that he used to frequent as a student. 250 more words


Totem Poles in Korea

Jangseung and Sotdae

Extraordinary, striking

A really fascinating part of Korean folk art is totem poles, known as jangseung and Sotdae. We first saw some at the National Folk Museum in Seoul a number of years ago, then at the Nagan Eupseong Folk Village near Suncheon last August. 568 more words