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Stories in Tiles and Pictures

Story Telling through pictures is as old as recorded history—whether ancient peoples carved out images on cave walls, or painted pictures on cave walls, or drew on papyrus or fabric, or made elaborate pictorial stories with stained glass in gorgeous Gothic cathedrals, or with lovely tile pictures in countries touched by the Moors. 876 more words

Local Customs

Local Customs

My latest Evergreen book was Local Customs by Audrey Thomas. It’s loosely based on the true story of Letty Landon, a writer in the 183o’s, and her marriage to George Maclean that transplants her from London to West Africa. 278 more words


Catch A Falling Star...

General Kang, An Ancient Local Hero  

Korea has a very long documented history

Catch a Falling Star

And put it on your pocket.

Save it for a rainy day… 329 more words


One of Korea's Best Folk Villages

Nagan Eupseong Folk Village

Rich in History and Well-Preserved

This was the second stop on the JRS day tour out of Suncheon.

It’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011 and I can easily see why, as it’s one of Korea’s best preserved fortress towns and traditional folk villages. 919 more words

Southwest Korea

Foodie Corner: Bún bò Nam Bộ; a taste of Vietnam you won't get at home

Vietnam is a crazy place, especially when it comes to food. I wouldn’t recommend the standard “point-and-cross-your-fingers” method at your everyday Vietnamese restaurant or you run the risk of getting a bowl of organs, snails, duck fetus or even dog and cat parts. 1,032 more words


Kaya toast: a taste of Malaysia

Malaysia is not exactly known for bread. You won’t find rolls, baguettes, or pastries like you might in Europe or America. But they do have white toast, and boy do they go absolutely nuts for it! 651 more words


Giant Golden Buddha in Suwon

Buddha in the Landscape

Strikingly Beautiful Giant Golden Buddha in Suwon

It’s estimated that these days Buddhists account for about 23% of the population in Korea, way less than many years ago.  388 more words