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Totem Poles in Korea

Jangseung and Sotdae

Extraordinary, striking

A really fascinating part of Korean folk art is totem poles, known as jangseung and Sotdae. We first saw some at the National Folk Museum in Seoul a number of years ago, then at the Nagan Eupseong Folk Village near Suncheon last August. 568 more words


Love Locks in Seoul---LOTS of Love Locks

Love Locks on Namsan, Seoul

Namsan is a 860-foot-high peak in the center of Seoul, that once marked the city’s southern edge. Nowadays it’s home to a number of sights: the iconic N. 455 more words


Lake Bled's Island of Love and Legends

The Island (Otok), on the SW end of the lake, is picturesque and fun to visit, and is often called a fairy-tale island as it seems to float on Lake Bled. 501 more words

Fun Moments

Strictly: Sri Lanka - Part #2

Before I get into the second half of the week I want to take a moment, or five, to talk about food. I like talking about food so this could take a while, be warned! 1,948 more words

Foodie Column: Tasty Tibetan Thenthuk

In the wake of Chinese incorporation of Tibet in 1950, and a subsequent rebellion in 1959, a large population of Tibetan refugees, The Dalai Lama included, fled from their homes and settled in the mountain regions of Nepal and India. 598 more words


Foodie Column: North Thailand Nostalgia

It’s been a wild, action-packed month since we left Chiang Mai, but the spicy-sweet memory of North Thailand still lingers. After a month of tasty-but-somewhat-boring Nepalese Dal Bhat (rice, veggies and lentil soup), I would give just about anything for a freshly BBQ’ed sausage, a sweet Thai curry, or a spicy basil melody of pad kee mao. 781 more words


Ljubljana's Dragon

Ljubljana: Another city with a dragon symbol and story (remember earlier we met up with Krakow’s Smok Wawelski, a fearsome creature, https://viviennemackie.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/smok-wawelski-krakows-dragon/ )

Ljubljana’s dragon doesn’t seem to be quite as scary, but it’s just as prevalent. 440 more words