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Saigon: A City of Contrasts

January 15, 2017:

This city is amazing!  In addition to the gob-smacking traffic, there are modern skyscrapers towering to the sky, and vendors still riding bicycles laden with their wares. 641 more words

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Hoi An

Jan. 13, 2017:

This is Jim writing today’s blog post. Unfortunately, Stacy came down with a terrible cold which (as is her MO) turned into a sinus and ear infection. 840 more words

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It's a Cyclo of A Day!

January 11, 2017:

Today was somewhat of a whirlwind day, as we left Ha Noi for central Vietnam, landing in the city of Hue, which is an important historical and cultural center of Vietnam for many reasons, and is a recognized World Heritage site. 594 more words

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And Gutenberg Lived Here: "Miss"ing

I’m going to go outside of the holiday season just for a moment

Back to ho ho ho tomorrow, I promise,

but the prompt of the day, 545 more words


Uruguay and Mate

Meeting the local people is one of our favourite things to do while travelling. We love hearing people’s stories and learning about different cultures. Today as we were walking along the boardwalk in Montevideo we met Mario, and what a lovely man he was! 136 more words

Traditional Costume Experience

At a number of famous sights in Korea we were amazed to see so many young women wearing traditional Korean dresses (hanbok) and even some young men wearing traditional garb. 223 more words


Sailing into São Tomé and Principe

Nov. 9, 2016:

After spending most of the night awake last night waiting for election returns, and then getting sick when they came in, I was much in need of something to get my mind off the election. 662 more words

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