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The little things...

Over the past year, we’ve lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. We’ve visited dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites, climbed the world’s most iconic mountain range, lazed around on pristine beaches, witnessed unforgettable sunsets, and explored ancient temples. 2,913 more words



I wrote this guide for Bulgaria over 10 years ago for a tourist site. As its hosting services are closing, I am moving the info here, some might find it useful. 5,720 more words


And Gutenberg Lived Here: Sunday In The Park With Gorge. Of Office Workers, Paella, and Hefalump Gravy.

I’m not much of a meat-eater,

but Sunday here in the land of Gutenberg requires dire measures.

What, you don’t make a roast?

How does your poor husband handle that? 518 more words


And Gutenberg Lived Here: When Is A Donut A Cannonball?

One of the more interesting facts about living here in Gutenberg Land,

is the number of times you find out

that something you always considered 100% made in the good old US of A, 729 more words


Hanging Out with the Hill Tribes

Jan. 20, 2017:

Yesterday afternoon, I opted to go to a jade factory where one of the carvers was the man who carved the Jade Buddha at the Doi Suthep temple we visited a couple of days ago.   572 more words

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All That Glitters ...Is Probably a Thai Temple

January 18, 2017:

Up early again for a travel day, this itinerary had us hopscotching from Siem Reap to Bangkok to Chiang Mai. What we immediately noticed upon landing in Bangkok was how deep and public the mourning is for the former King of Thailand, King Rama IX, commonly known as King Bhumibol.   459 more words

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Saigon: A City of Contrasts

January 15, 2017:

This city is amazing!  In addition to the gob-smacking traffic, there are modern skyscrapers towering to the sky, and vendors still riding bicycles laden with their wares. 641 more words

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