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A Touch of Japan in Urbana

Sakura…cherry blossoms…weeping cherry trees. These signal spring, especially in Japan, where the cherry trees are much loved, and also in Korea, but here in Urbana, central Illinois, they are also a beautiful herald of spring. 469 more words

Local Customs

May 1st

Do not forget that in France on May 1st it is customary to give bouquets of Lilly of the Valley.

It is supposed to bring happiness.

Lilly Of The Valley

Another Day Among the Anangu

Feb. 14, 2018:

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Readers! This morning we were scheduled to go do a hike at Kata Tjuta (about a 45 minute drive away from Uluru) followed by a visit to the Anangu Cultural Center at Uluru. 300 more words

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Oohing and Aahhing at Uluru

Feb. 13, 2018:

Jim and I were up before the sun this morning to do a hike around the base of Uluru, and to learn more about the aboriginal culture of the local people who call themselves the Anangu. 381 more words

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Cape Brett and Bay of Islands

Feb. 5, 2018:

We are finally in New Zealand! We sailed in this morning to the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, made famous by Captain James Cook. 236 more words

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Poking Around Pago Pago

Jan. 29, 2018:

After a couple more days at sea, we pulled in this morning to a hot a steamy day in Pago Pago (pronounced “Pango Pango”), American Samoa. 605 more words

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Blog Review: 'Experiencing the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand'

New Zealand as most of us know it, is synonymous with Rugby- one being complementary to the other. The surreal experience of witnessing the Haka and the sheer physicality of the rugby players on the pitch is unparalleled to any other. 250 more words

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