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[La] Camaleón[a]

I’ve reached a personal plateau of sorts in my life. Not as in I’m comfortable with where I am or what I’m doing (that part will be not be at a plateaued status for quite some time, and that’s a good thing for now) but as in I’ve reached this level ground in knowing who I am, understanding what that means, and basically having to accept it. 1,631 more words


From the Shores of Lake Titicaca

Today (May 3rd), we departed early for our drive to the town of Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca.  Although it’s only about 100 miles from La Paz to Copacabana, it takes about four hours to get there, including a short ferry crossing. 736 more words

Travel Generally

Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia (that's right; not the other one!)

As many of you know, Jim and I landed in La Paz in the wee hours of April 30th, and did not do much of anything except try to catch our breath, and toast the local glacier, Illimani. 632 more words

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My Market

I live pretty far north in Qingdao, in a district called Licun. I am the only foreigner for miles, and my foreign friends always give me pitying looks when I tell them where I live.  384 more words

Part 47

The three locals (I really want to say ‘amigos,’ but I won’t) laughed as my breath caught in my throat.

Usually when I see something grandiose or amazing or am surprised in a good way by something, my eyes go really wide and I get an almost giddy look on my face, or so I’ve been told.  554 more words


The Government of Paris Will Sell Your Crinoline

Excerpt from Europe Viewed Through American Spectacles (1873) by Charles C. Fulton:

Mont-de-Piété is one of the most important and extensive establishments connected with the city government of Paris. 584 more words

19th Century France

Our blogs - Inside India

Dear Readers,

Thank you all for your response to our new blog. We hope you will stick with us and maybe even tell a friend or two. 138 more words