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Is the local food movement here to stay?

Intellectually, how could it not be? The future must necessarily be one of producing food much closer to where people live, especially as transportation costs escalate, and current food sources in the California Central Valley, in South Florida, and in Texas face the extreme weather characteristic of climate change. 462 more words

Local Food

Restaurants are not Food Culture.

In the hours after attending an event sponsored by the University of Kentucky Libraries Special Collections Research Center, “From Plows to Plates: A Journey Through Kentucky Foodways,” 724 more words


6 degrees of separation: why where you get your food matters

The theory of “six degrees of separation” is based on the idea that people are only 6 steps away from each other, i.e. you can connect any two people in the world by association. 772 more words

The accidental foodie

This is the house that Jack built. Do you remember that nursery rhyme? At first you just saw the house in your mind’s eye, but then the story took you deep inside, so that you could see how the house was linked to people and creatures, in ways unexpected. 678 more words

Local Food..The Debate Continues

As someone hoping to build a living around the local food movement and who has been around it since before it was a movement I find this editorial from Hobby Farms an extremely relevant discussion. 86 more words

Go Local

7 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer's Market

Find your local farmer’s market through Local Harvest.

I’m a huge proponent of shopping at the farmer’s market. Here’s why:

1. The FDA just approved GMO apples and potatoes… 698 more words
Zero Waste

My Night with Dan Barber

“The future belongs to people who care about food.” — Dan Barber, Mountain View, CA, March 9, 2015

On Monday night, after attending his brilliant lecture, I added Dan Barber’s book 

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Zero Waste