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+ Toronto: As I Knew It

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I decided to engage in a little guilty pleasure of mine – that comes in the form of the website… 1,886 more words

Social Media

BAT CRAZY by Carole Brown ~ a new release

A new release that’s a play on words…what fun.

Nike: I absolutely love the title BAT CRAZY. How did you come up with it? It seems as if it’s a pun. 604 more words

Nike Chillemi

The Toffee-Nosed Bugle - afternoon edition

Excitement is mounting in the Toffee-Nose Street (TOFFS) social club, otherwise trading as Waitrose. Overheard in one of the aisles:

Mrs DWP: Ah there you are Betsy, what did you think of that young miladdio eeyorn the space donkey’s idea for a get-together, barbecue and star-watching session? 140 more words

Space Donkey