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Maurice Osborne Rescues Woman Being Attacked on Subway Platform in Brooklyn

A subway hero recently rescued a woman being sexually assaulted and collared the suspect.  “As soon as she said that he was trying to rape her, I just reacted,” … 313 more words


Shot Putter Dreaming Of Day Throwing Small Weighty Object Saves World

Self-proclaimed “local hero in the making” Lote Poutua plays out daily hypothetical scenarios in his head that place his unique skill set in a position to save the day. 219 more words


Wicker Tree

Where do you start a film about Scotland?

One place is Texas.

Try Dallas

or Houston 8 more words


Local Hero Awards 2015 - Green Award

We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the first ever Local Hero Green Award with Radio Ceredigion.

We are all about sustainability, the environment, health and the community so when we heard that the Local Hero Awards were being expanded to cover our local patch, Ceredigion, we jumped at the chance to be involved. 155 more words


Silver Darlings

With the abundant coastline around Scotland, it is no surprise to see fishing as a subject for film.

The richer citizens angling

and the poorer Scots poaching (more in a later post) is one thing, but the more dangerous pursuit of sea fishing is covered in a handful of films. 89 more words



Brigadoon is much derided for the way it portrays Scotland. Producer Arthur Freed has been quoted as claiming Scotland did not look Scottish enough.

The film was shot in an American studio  where they were free to create their version of a magical Scotland. 121 more words