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At War's End: Behind-the-Scenes Part 4


Costumes are a big part of the process behind the scenes of the Guided Spirit Walks production while our actors are busy rehearsing. To be as immersive as possible, we dress each of our actors in period specific outfits. 1,173 more words

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Tales from the Cooperage

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about Blackwell’s that I used to work in a Quayside pub called the Cooperage. A characterful pub – both in the sense of the building and its patrons (and staff!), it was at the time a busy real ale pub downstairs, and a nightclub and restaurant upstairs. 1,532 more words


My daughter’s appointment as a Flood Control Officer for the Environment Agency in Norwich has directed my attention once again to the subject of flooding. Floods in Norfolk may occur for three main reasons: a high tide that is accompanied by a strong north-easterly wind: heavy and prolonged rainfall that causes rivers to burst their banks: and flash floods where heavy rainfall and blocked drains or burst pipes cause brief  flooding in parts of the county that are not along river valleys. 505 more words

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The old industries of Tullamore by Cosney Molloy, tour on Sunday 19th August at 2pm

Our thanks to our contributor Cosney Molloy for this piece. He is the perfect gentleman and sometime we will get him to accept Honorary Membership. He says he is not old enough yet. 1,865 more words

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Everything has a history, even Alton Towers

I came across a moment of realisation earlier this summer break: everything has a history. Of course, this isn’t the very first time that I’ve had this realisation, but for some reason I seem to forget it quite often. 775 more words

The Undiscovered Country Of Nearby

HOMe-hOUSE 25 - The alleyway

HOMe-hOUSE 25 – The alleyway

The alleyway behind my house is part of a mirror image of the streets similar to the millions of alleyways (or often called around here ‘the backs’) behind terraces up and down Britain and I am sure abroad as well. 379 more words


The last bridge will fall...

As always, click the pic for full size where available…

The exodus to the suburbs began in Winston-Salem shortly after World War II. As it accelerated in the 1950s, local leaders realized that if they did not take action, downtown would die. 580 more words

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