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Lets Find These Stolen Benches!

In an earlier blog I reported the theft of some benches from Horndean Parish Councils grounds at Jubilee Field. They are ours and we paid for them in our Council Tax contribution to the Parish Council. 190 more words

Local Issues

Special Election set to determine Biloxi mayor

The Biloxi City Council set the mayoral special election for April 28th. The position became vacant when former mayor A.J. Holloway resigned on March 5th after serving 22 years. 107 more words


Ashtown Roundabout 

The issue of safety for both pedestrians and motorists at the Ashtown Roundabout is one which we have been pursuing for several years. Anyone driving through it regularly will be familiar with having to slow down to let pedestrians cross at the Halfway House. 179 more words

In the beginning, there was . . . gravel and sand

Back during this rainy winter, I started talk of what it would take to have a school garden where I teach.  For some time, I had had my eye on a plot of sunny ground near the back of an unused grassy lot; over the years, I had been keeping my eye on how the eastern sun from the morning rose over the campus, keeping this parcel bright all day, unimpeded by the nearby leland cypress to the south of the lot, only winnowing into shade late in the day when the scrub brush on the western fence stopped it. 889 more words

The Deep South

L ondon Fields Ward Forum - Tuesday, 24th March, 2015 at 7.00 pm

L O N D O N   F I E L D S   W A R D   F O R U M

Tuesday, 24th March, 2015 at 7.00 pm… 138 more words

Hackney News

What is an SCC and have Hydrodec produced one?

An SCC is a Statement of Community Consultation. It is a requirement prior to applying for an NSIP

The Planning Act 2008 explains how applications for nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs) relating to energy, transport, water, waste, waste water and certain business and commercial developments will be examined. 169 more words

Local Issues

Green Lane Community Facilities

The Barratts / Taylor Wimpey development is nearing completion and the final plans for the community facilities have been brought together. A planning application for the community facilities was submitted and approved and the Parish Council will be taking on the new facilities themselves. 163 more words

Local Issues