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The Archers Pub - From a resident point of view

I have lived in Bromborough for nearly 7 years now and have seen the Archers Pub decline over that time. Most of the time I’ve been here, it has been closed and abandoned, left to ruin. 219 more words

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Should we be afraid of sharks? No way says Myrtle Beach shark expert

Sharks. For some, the mere word is scary enough to avoid the Atlantic Ocean on a hot summer day.

The fear is real and has a name. 404 more words

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Recommendations for getting the most out of Austin's proposed CodeNEXT density bonus program

The CodeNEXT Density Bonus is a remarkable opportunity to achieve greater ethnic, racial and economic diversity and integration in Austin. If implemented correctly, the program has the potential to put affordable units on the ground both in areas where lower income people are trying to stay in place and in racially and economically segregated high-opportunity areas where low income people of color have never been able to choose to live. 1,654 more words

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Master Brewer site exhibitions

These will be held at the Master Brewer site on 18th July 2pm to 8pm and in St Giles Village Hall on 20th 4:30pm to 7:30.

Details here: hillingdongateway.co.uk


Video: Texas Housers Houston co-director talks to New York Times about segregation

“It should not be the government’s role to dictate where people can and can’t live. People should always have a choice. And folks that have always had choices, including most white folks, don’t necessarily realize the limited choices for people of color when they don’t have means.” 108 more words

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HS2 imminent activities

At the latest meeting with HS2, we raised with them the recent confusions over the use of the fields by the cricket club and asked that they significantly improve their communications with the community. 83 more words