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The media on race: which side are they on?

I didn’t know this post would have an epigraph, and then I saw the above by Steven Salaita as I made my final edits on this post. 2,447 more words


An insider’s guide to the local media

Picture this if you will: the function room of a fairly posh hotel. There’s a prize-giving going on and I’m here to cover it.

I arrived a few minutes early because that’s what I like to do. 830 more words

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Interview with Monocle 24 radio / Monocle magazine: re hyperlocal publishing

Last week I did an interview with Monocle 24 Radio – the audio service of excellent global-affairs magazine Monocle – based in London.

Every week on their morning news programme, … 120 more words

Damian Radcliffe Hyperlocal Media And Community Journalism

A Response to Valley News, 10/29/15

How does something seemingly straightforward, as it was treated in the Murrieta city council meeting of 10/20/15, get so convoluted?

After the door gets slammed on a call for discussion, and possibly investigation, of a city agreement with a business operating on city property at the Murrieta Equestrian Center ( … 417 more words

No such thing as bad publicity?

From the giddy heights of Radio 4 to… well, the very local. This week I’m being interviewed by the Hounslow Chronicle and Get West London. Though this seems like sweating the small stuff, I know I shouldn’t turn my nose up at local media.  215 more words

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A Response to Kim Harris, Valley News, 10/14/15

Kim (and Murrieta in general),

Time to take off the rose-colored glasses.

Go to 00:35 ( ) for the more-complete reason Alan Long “resigned.” It wasn’t that “he feared his sitting on the center seat at the dais would detract from the city’s ability to do business in an effective manner.” His “resignation” included, “…as a member of the city council…” If Alan Long was ever concerned about the effects of his sitting on the council, as mayor or otherwise, and about the “distraction” of his legal case(s), he would have resigned for real and would still be resigned to this day. 1,198 more words

Lois Kapila of the Dublin InQuirer: A Return to 'old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting'

The Dublin InQuirer has raised some eyebrows since going live a few months ago. It has quite an interesting perspective including articles on the role of finance capital in the city and good critical coverage on the goings on in the city council. 2,166 more words

Henry Silke