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We need a renewed focus on local news

First published on The Conversation and PennLive.

(Editor’s Note: During his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump wasn’t shy about his hostility toward journalists. His unexpected victory proved his doubters — which included many in the media — wrong. 398 more words

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Ormoc City's Media Personalities: The Reason of Brave Ormocanon's Inception

It is quite disconcerting how Ormoc city’smainstream media works in this critical phase of history –where not a single soul of the so-called writers have lamented in a time where the pendulum of the country’s political momentum is swerving at 360 degrees. 682 more words

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Has the decline of local press left the global media blindsided?

Much has been discussed about how and why the press missed two of the most significant events of modern times – Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. 825 more words

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The Emergence of "Truth" In A Congressional Inquiry Is Only A Fools' Illusion

Let it be known to everybody, that Ronnie Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa seems to have an issue of their own doing. Perhaps a typical Ormocanon might ask when the circus of… 487 more words

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PSIA experts share insights

IUPD and IU Emergency Management and Continuity staff spoke with reporters about Run-Hide-Fight in the wake of the attack at Ohio State University:

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